1 lane is too less / item effects (More strategical elements please)

Hey :),

I really like the game so far and played a lot yesterday.

I really want this game to be the new MOBA and in many ways it is doing a really good Job to be it.

But there are some things that I think could be different to make it more necessary to work together as Team and play with a plan.

First I think one lane is just too less for a MOBA. 3 lanes and a bigger map would be way better, cause it generates a Kind of laning Phase and you have to split as a Team to defend.
Furthermore this would change the fighting experience in multiplayer from permanent 5 vs. 5 to more interesting situations.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the importance of items. Although it’s difficult for me to estimate their importance right now because I haven’t played enough to rly say something about them, just 3 items for everyone seems a little bit too less. Most items seem to have just status effects like damage buff or movement Speed etc. .
I think it would be really interesting if items would have active effects like the items already used in other MOBAS.

Anyway, the game is great and I hope to play it a lot in the future :-)!

I don’t play other mobas, what are the active effects you’re talkling about ?

For example healing potions, silence effects on enemies, teleports, in Dota for example they are usually used as additional skills.

I think this works really towards a more interesting meta game.

first of all… Although I barely got to play personally since server issues…I have watched videos and read a lot on the gams. I’m pretty sure this has 3 normal lanes… they actually did really good with the limited moba push also. 3 items that are charged by in game payment is quite fair right now. they specifically designed the game so no one has a huge advantage. it’s meant to be balanced and strategic. not grind to win. it mixes reaction skills with small stat enhancer choices. maybe in the future they can balance more progression like you ask but right now with the hybrid style of game that is using more styles of skills then simply temp dungeon rpg. this is fps at the heart. the extra moba features are balanced and subtle for a reason to keep competition fair. as much as I love borderlands and rpgs in general, im glad they made a fps that didn’t rely on unbalanced loot farming instead of actual shooter skill and teamwork as the premise of their competitive multiplayer focused game. the amount of moba they put in is perfect for the current stage of evolution imo. balances for more complex versions need this stepping stone first. these guys are doing the best to balance as it is with a new genre.

I understand and respect your ideas as I can see maybe a little later the extra rpg elements could be added in the future games. right now it’s quite a task to even combine fps with other extra genres into a fair competitive scene. if they rushed all the extra variables it most likely would take ages before they could patch if enough to be close to a balanced game at this point. it’s a stepping stone In the future that is planned quite sound

Yeah I understand what you mean.

It’s just that in my first games I had the Impression that in Charge mode it always comes down to a permanent 5 vs 5 fight in the middle of the map. The only strategical elements are the bondsmen you can hire and the buildings you can build which is cool but I think it’s not enough.
I’m also missing something like Roshan in Dota or the “Baron” in LoL…

oh it’s never enough. all good gamers can see how a game may be better. I agree it could use more but also I look at it as this is the most advanced fps to date. they did well in balancing everything and that’s probably because they didn’t add all the cool extra features they could easily have done while risking a proper launch.hell I would have been happy with borderlands loot battling with completely OP grindables. but it isn’t balanced and it isn’t the pvp game they wanted and that is why I respect it even more then my rpg expansive looting addiction

the strategy still comes down to how a player can manipulate the abilities and personal skills and style they have while judging the opposite team. even at its base it’s still 100x more strategic then CoD and way more stylisj

I think the reason there aren’t 3 lanes is because we have first person perspective. It will be pretty hard to keep track of what is going on across 3 lanes. Tho I suppose this good be fixed a bit if there was an option to open detailed map at any time that would give detailed strategic information.

Well, the multi-lane gameplay complexity is really what the meltdown maps are all about.

If you wanted more than two lanes, you’d have to include more players on each team for the fight. The other mobas with 5 characters and three lanes all play significantly slower than battleborn. Matches currently have the quite reasonable time limit of 30 minutes. and if they couldn’t make 3 lanes without slowing down the action and extending the match time, I’d rather not have it.