1 Life Runs - No FFYL

Just interested to know how many people have gone through UVHM after resetting without entering FFYL once.?

I know a lot of people try the 1Life runs, but i’m currently trying a no FFYL run. I’ve got as far as the WEP which is up next, so Bloodwing better behave! I’m a big fan of resetting UVHM and running the story with my best gear. It’s only lvl72, but I may try OP8 once I have all my best gear again at that level.

Running Maya with my favourite Binder setup. Also hoping not to use a RL though the game.

Anyone managed it yet? I’d assume their will be people that have. If so what class did you run?

I’ve reset a few times for the same reason ( best gear ).
I’ve never intentionally done a No Death run, but the last time
I did it ( w/ Maya) I know I made it as far as Rising Action w/o dying ( certain I went into ffyl at least once, but fought out of it).
Interesting…I may try it and pay better attention next round.

Good luck to you, sounds tricky, especially no FFYL, I haven’t even tried a 1 life run.

RL I find little use for, even in UHVM, most of the best damage skills are Gun Damage, and even Axton with his Explosive builds, going that route, you will be able to throw Grenades in FFYL

Rocket Launchers just don’t seem to pack enough power in UHVM except for mobs to easy to dispatch a gun will do it anyway.

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The issue I have with them is downing myself, as Badaboom and Norfleet are too easy to slip up with, but like you say, guns are powerful enough when used in the right situations. I regularly swap grenades, shield and 2 weapons for different areas, or for certain bigger enemy.

@gelatincyborg – The great thing about doing a no FFYL run is your perception of the game, knowing what enemy is where and being clinical. Kind of like doing Battlefield or CoD story in hard mode. You just can’t run in to the middle of a fight and expect to live. Even Salvador goes down if your not paying attention. But Maya has such great control and tenacity i’m finding it easy so far. The biggest issue will come with Sawtooth Cauldron because of the Gloiath and Nomad Blasters. They just appear in a door way near you and BLAM…i’ll be taking it slowly :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, I’m not even gonna attempt this.

I had a 1life Maya that lasted till lvl5…

Not low level, UVHM reset. So you get to use your best load out.

My main usage so far are: Corrosive and Shock Pimpernel, Slag Rubi, Critical Heartbreaker, Florentine, Unk-Harold, Antagonist, Quasar, Stormfront, and BotA relics. I’ve switched to a HofTM in Stalker areas and Bee for sniping.

Now as far as Where Angels Fear To Tread, no near hickups even in the WEP. Thousand Cuts and Opportunity were a stroll. Personally the only two I worry about now is Sawtooth and The Warrior/Jack bit. After killing Jack you’ve got possible robots, crystalisks, Rakk and the warrior attacking so this will be the interesting bit, and possibly getting flung into the lava.

Failed. As I thought, Sawtooth was the first blip. Heavy Nomad comes out of a doorway and starts spamming a Corrosive (Topneaa) Launcher at me, no chance at all. Then another Heavy Nomad, and Goliath Blaster. So Sawtooth is the place to fear, as sometimes it’s just out of your hands. Shame, but if RNG was nice you may not get them spawn in shi**y places.

Managed the 1Life though…some consolation :joy: