1 of the claptrap bosses (spoilers)


I’m fighting Claptrap Knoxx for the second time.
However he keeps killing me with 3 blasts and I keep spawning inside with no access to ammo.
Also everytime I’m dying he steals my Claptrap kills. (I guess Friendly Fire is a thing in this DLC…)

Does anybody have any helpful tips on this?
Even if I don’t die I don’t think I have enough ammo as I haven’t gotten any great rifles since 18 levels ago.
And yes I’m using corrosive weaponry amongst others.

Also what is up with Bosses in DLC’s not ‘remembering’ how many health they have left and regenerating all health in a split second? And why are there no ammo vendors around and why are the spawnpoints inside? Why are basic game mechanics not consistent within one game (and dlc’s)? Is this a bug? I really hope so, because the game always seemed to make combat fair (at least untill the endgame) and this is like the DLC’s are just giving fair the finger.

Exiting to main menu, reloading game, running to town, running to vendor, watching Marcus’ cutscene every… single… time… and then running to the fight is getting annoying really quickly… Just a door would have helped so much…

Thanks in advance

Oh yeah 2 more things

Even if you kill a claptrap you don’t get a second wind. I thought it was because of Knoxx stealing my kills, but it’s not that. I think I have encountered this problem before in this DLC… Everything Claptrap related is kinda buggy. AI is sketchy (they flee, they don’t attack even after you hit them with firebullets) and if they die sometimes the game forgets to revive you.

And Transfusion grenades don’t work on Knoxx. Is there a good reason for this? Is this an Immunity? Do other grenades work?

This fight is starting to really frustrate me…

Ah what the hell man, even after beating him using the usual exploits (hiding behind stuff so his attacks can’t hit you while you can do lots of crits)
I can’t go back. I’m supposed to do all fights with just 1 load of ammo?

Again… that’s the cheapest way of making these fights challenging Ever. Reusing the same boss fights over and over is cheap enough on itself.

Guess I’ll just sit still for 15 minutes between all fights to regenerate ammo. Fun!

Edit: After the second one there’s a shop luckily… Still don’t like how you can’t just go back.

Yeah some types of Claptrap don’t give second winds, it sucks!

And unfortunately, no your gun is gone forever. If it’s any consolation you’ll probably find a replacement at the end of the DLC.

Yea the gun would have been nice for this fight, but I’ll find better when I hit the cap and farm a little

And I now see that the ClapTraps self destruct when they hit 1% health. They are supposed to do this quicker, but I think they can’t keep up with the fire + bullet damage all stacking up. So it looks like you’re killing it while it self destructs.
And apparently they thought it would be a good idea to put these specific claptraps around those OP bosses while all normal claptraps function like they should.
Poor scripting and boss-fight design…

Sorry for the immense amount of posts…

But right now I’m fighting MINAC and it’s spawncamping me. Every time I spawn I die within a single blast 1 second later.
If I quit the game and return later, will I have to do all boss fights?
I’m getting really F’ing sick of this DLC (loved it untill the boss fights started) but I might wanna finish it at some point.

-ancient Pandoran proverb.

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I’ve tried, but the splash damage of the MINAC weapon is enough to kill you in one or two blasts if you’re hiding behind the rock. Also glitchy self destructing clap traps.

Yea I’m down about a 100 million right now and in theory it could work. But only if you have the luck that it doesn’t shoot missiles for some minutes and the claptraps keep glitching in the rough terrain.
If however the claptraps start moving they might abuse their glitchy immense blast range* or the IMAC might just use a missile and instakill you.

Or am I using the wrong rock? None of the rocks look particularly much like a male member.

*Just had a claptrap destroy me through a rock. I assumed the rock would protect me from the blast but nope!

I don’t actually know which rock it is, I’ve just heard people say that.

MINAC is weird, my tactic is to keep running and shoot corrosive bullets at his eye. He takes an EMMENSE amount of DOT damage, so a few shots from a Defiler will often kill him (long after they actually hit)

Corrosive launchers work wonders, but just hit him with anything that does corrosive damage over time

My tactic, like Sandman, is running as well. Keeping distance between you and MINAC helps a lot.

Ok, 20 to 25 lives later I found a pattern.

The D.ck rock is the rock behind which you spawn. There are 4 positions you can hide behind it for the 4 places MINAC may take. For 3 of those hiding spaces the ground is very edgy which makes it very glitchy to move around. Do NOT open the ammo crates as this will definitely cost you a life or 3 because it’s impossible to get around without getting stuck and you’re a very easy target for suicide claptraps.

If the MINAC is all the way to the right and when it’s all the way to the left can you peak out behind it and shoot the eye without it shooting missiles at you. Only when it’s all the way to the right does However if you peek out while it’s in one of the other positions it wíll instakill you. So you need a lot of patience.
And for every position it takes it releases 2 claptraps.
However in the third (second from the right) position it releases 2 claptraps that get stuck in the terrain. So this makes me sometimes forget about the claptraps when 1 position later the only decent option to damage it arrives. If I let one of the claptraps come within 25 meters before I hit it the first time it will definitely push me back with the explosion into the turrets range and when 2 of them can hit me I can’t run and get back to safety.

So I finally see how it’s done. I just can’t repeat this cycle the necessary 8 times without a single mistake.

I hate these kinds of bosses.
They keep me from ever playing the game again. Because I háve to finish it this time and it will easily take me some more hours. But I won’t ever start the game again knowing eventually I’ll have to do this again though and it’s just not worth the effort.
(Same reason I never play HL2 anymore…)

I’ve tried running, but the gattling turrets kill me in 2 seconds. I haven’t found a good shield since… pff somewhere in zombie DLC many many levels back.
If you always have bad luck with dices and RPG’s like me this game is nearly impossible xD

Aaaaaah I know what the problem is.

I see some people killing him in mere minutes on YouTube (morningafterkill and gothalion)
because they are able to be higher level then IMAC.

On my pc however in this specific DLC every single mission you start is always 1 level higher then you are. And so are claptraps. I even leveled up in this fight and instantly the Claptraps leveld up as well. Never seen that before.

They (guys on YT) don’t have this problem to worry about so they can just be overpowered for this mission.

Do you guys think this is a bug?
Or does this only work in PT1?
Or in Multiplayer?

Don’t judge the gameplay on that of youtubers. They make everything look like a breeze when it may not actually be. It’s very deceptive and not helpful at all.

I can see their level and that’s correct.
And their being able to be a higher level then the MINAC múst help.

Also… yaaay, the eye-beam just shot through a solid object.
This is the 8th time I got killed by a bug. This DLC is technically a mess on my pc. -,-
Other 30 deaths were my own fault but this ■■■■ is pissing me off so bad I wanna punch through a wall and I can usually contain my temper in video games -,-

My tactic is run straight for the respawn station and hide like a p*ssy It works, and I can kill him with minimal effort as long as I pay attention to the kamikazes.

Well hiding is not so useful if it can shoot his eyebeams through rocks and it has homing missiles.
Hiding behind the rock does nothing and hiding under that little metal roof is doesn’t protect you either.
Also his eyebeam-timing isn’t consistent, so you can’t know for sure when it will fire and it will hit you every now and then. I had a nice flow going, but then suddenly the beam-pause was only 50% of what it normally is.

Is this DLC 1 big heap of bugs for everybody or is it just me?

That’s exactly where I hide. Yes, not all of his attacks are blocked, but enough are that I can deal with it and just use my healing skills if need be. Just try to hide as far back as you can into the roof. I didn’t read everything above, but if you have a good Defiler, Hornet, Maliwan Crux, or Nemesis, he can basically be killed by corrosive DoT damage.

And no, the DLC’s not that buggy for me, aside from the usual BL1 AI bugs that occasionally happen.

I have none of those weapons :stuck_out_tongue: Since the armory only let me pick up a handful of guns and good guns just don’t drop I’m using some standard rifles and a Maliwan 4X fire smg with 120 dmg and around 10 fire rate. That’s the best I’ve come across. Got about 8 legendaries as well but they all suck.

(Except for a groovy vladof fire shotgun, but a shotgun’s not gonna do me much good here)

Yeah, I can imagine this fight would suck without any corrosive weapons. I always made sure to pick up the best corrosive gun I was able to find before heading off to fight this boss.

Did you only do it once, or did you do the other two legit runs?