1 second effects?

:confused:What’s the point of having an effect last 1 second? As soon as it hits,it ends. 1sec buffs, 1sec slow, bind, silence ect… They all just seem incredibly pointless. They’re especially useless in PvE.

Seriously, why bother to even have the effect if it ends almost instantly?:confused:

A second can determine life or death, Victory or Defeat, success or failure, or even deciding whether a character needs nerf or buff . From my Moba experience, I watch people go crazy over 1 second and seen first hand what 1 second can do.


1 second is most definitely influential. Even if a slow is for a sec and were running at the same speed it can give me the time to get in range. Silence can throw off timing, If they are actively fighting with u and using skills they could try to pop a skill during the silence and mess up out of confusion or just inconvienence. Buffs Idk any that are 1 sec buff unless it reinstates on a hit or something…Bind is even better than a slow…a 1 sec bind can feel like forever sometimes. 1 sec blind is actually pretty helpful as well…However you can increase these slightly with cc duration.

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The 1 sec blind of caldarius is really powerful.
But the 1 sec slow of benedict… laughable :smiley:

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If that was the 1 second CC effect you had in mind when you started this thread, then i agree completely. Even if it were 2 seconds, the pushback helix is superior for losing people, knocking them off ledges, and throwing off the timing of attacks. Combined with the shield-recharging helix at lvl. 8, you can escape almost anything with Benedict. Also, i suspect that the reason Benedict was not given a stun CC affect on any of his helixs (where even 1 second is powerful), is because there would be absolutely no way for an enemy to escape a hawkeye salvo with the following helix choices for hawkeye: +1 second lock-on duration, +2 hawkeye rockets, +20% lock-on rocket damage, +15% hawkeye rocket damage. Even without a stun, this is a death sentence for most characters. Pushback is nice, anyways.

Best part is you can get Cald to shoot out 3 flashbangs making the time essentially 3 seconds, It’s dirty.

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So I’m not the only one thinking it. I can understand 1 second on slows or stuns, but on blinds? You should be seeing stars for 3 seconds at least (IMO).

my slow as caldairus has saved me and gotten me so many kills its crazy that and isnt there gear that can make you’r cc last longer?

Slow is worse than blind IMO, so one second is kind of useless with slow. At least the words of King Arthur apply to blind: “I-I can see! I can FIGHT!!”