1 to 60 "Pure play through" no anointed gear + no meta

since we have been bored of mayhem 2.0 to insanity

me and friend decided to take on “make your own fun”

we want to see how far will regular game go into mayhem while not having to use opq’s of the world, our run rules are simple no anointed gear and after nvhm is finished in tvhm we will pick the mayhem level that is doable without seein dead (for me and i dno what for fl4k)

Rules and restrictions:

no guardian ranks: hallow point ; ccc combo; topped off

banned gear

  1. Catpurse artifacts
  2. Pearl
  3. Elemental projector
  4. seein dead
  5. stinger
  6. face puncher

banned skills:

  1. double barrel
  2. fire in the skag den
  3. short fuse
  4. ties that bind (before you reach m5)
  5. certain iron bear mods (debatable)

exploiting is not allowed (fake grasp included)

you can find me here and filip over here

i wish to contribute to what @Jastorm187 and @Aaron0000 have been suggesting as an idea to make your own endgame.

current state of play is mayhem 5 for endgame.


In terms of gear limitations for Zane, basically just look at this list and avoid the top three to five guns in each category unless you use a lower-than-current-level variant. Other than avoiding Seein’ Dead and the Pearl of Knowledge, you should be set to go. Might also recommend trying an eccentric build as well, like a grenade-spamming build or melee build for kicks and giggles. Also consider turning off a few of the Guardian Perks.

Good luck, and may the RNG be with you.

Thanks for the mention… Here is my Original post


  1. No Legendaries
    (Argument for class mods could be made, if you are… go with base game class mods only)
  2. no guardian rank bonuses, turn them off
  3. No meta purples such as q-system, stage coach etc… (True fun, go blue as the best rarity you are allowed)
  4. No annointments on any gear


an update on where we are

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If your goal is to play to Mayhem 3 I think mentioning not playing with M6 weapons is kind of redundant. I would also suggest adding the lower mayhem versions, like dictator and brainstormer to the list.

brainstoemer without extra elements does not do anything other allowed guns can’t dictator is being debated just like cocky bastard unseen threat and many more which we’ll determitne at m3 scale there are a few tests a gun runs for making the list, anvil mobbing graveward kill and full power eista, if it makes it easy it will be added to the list also we are editing guns and if there was cartel or m6 exclusive gun that is fun to use and not stupid strong it would be allowed. thanks for feedback tho st4ckbot is also under question but we do not want to take out power from charcters rather from anoints and overbloated guns like sickle krakatoa and such storm can also make the list.

so far at m2 there already is a big cut off for some things like spark plug and cosmic crater damage as well as pets, two player scale is noticeably different so all dmg types are only accounted for two player scaled bosses and badasses.

So how’s this playthrough stacking up in terms of fun compared to the high Mayhem levels? Hopefully at least one magnitude higher.

having a blast actually i have been changing guns all the time leveing up and in mayhem 1 as well as in mayhem 2 and now that we are drifting towards all legendary loadouts as opposed to whatever we had our hands on during level up we are still mixing it up a lot,i keep changing from maliwans to dahls to hyperion to jacobs to torgue and cov only excluded manufacturer is tediroe more or less because when it is homing mirv they are too strong and when it is not homing mirv but rathern on mirv module they are not great but i have still been using a bit of tediore they can handle mobbing for sure. sadly disparity between guns is so huge that at some point regular gear stops competing. like for now in mayhem 2 a maliwan atomizer or blaster will still kill a two player scale badass in 3 4 mags :d but if i put in mayhem 3 two player scale no anoints they will be not effective. So fun is there but modifiers and power disparity still bite me on the ass often :d compared to regular high mayhem there is no comparison how much more fun it is this way, up there you need to center around strong or top performer guns with viable anoint setup weather it is ase or 50/150 front loader management or in worse cases 200% asa and then stick to that one gun u held while activating kill skill and still you will be doing far less than ase setup so yeah having options was fun and valt hunters power curve remains kind of same through out, killing things with green guns on mayhem 0 with little skill points and no legendary coms is just as hard as killing things in mayhem 2 with legendary com and full 59 levels worth of skill points, the later actually being easier since in mayhem we have GR on and in normal gr was off. I will write a full rule set and recommendations for play through once i am done (completing raid on m2 or m3 we have to see) right now we are not even half way through as first comes 100% completion aka all side quests and trials and in this process we will see if we jump to m3 or not which we probably will and the end goal will be maliwan td and possibly guardian td but it is hard to say what we will need to do for that raw gun damage without anoints is way different then what we are used to as endgame players.


here is a gameplay mayhem 3 no anoints so far so good but man there is too many anointed enemies

If the Cutpurse is outlawed, I feel like the Pearl Of Knowledge might also fall into a OP category. This is how the game should be though.

pearl is outlawed as well the list is preliminary

we moved to m4 so far so good but a lot of purples are falling off the cliff now


currently sitting at mayhem 5 for some reason solo still feels effortless some guy said lsiting m6 exclusives as banned items was redundant but here we are few days of testing and it might actually be possible to drop into m6 but gear is getting tighter and tighter

LF co op partner, we can negotiate rules.

updated some concepts on how to use more guns if in m5

Been doing something very similar to this. Currently finishing up TVHM. I’ve got Mayhem off, GR completely off, been passing on every legendary except for main quest rewards. Tipped Moxxi about a bilion for Hail’s all through my leveling process and no annointments.

It’s been fun, for the most part. Sure things still die very quickly, but i’ve died quite a lot too - i don’t feel immortal.

Thanks to the benefits of being on PC i’ve done a few extra things to upp the difficulty a bit, and i will look into a few more things in prep for mayhem levels, an umbrella would be nice, the rain is legendary.

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We also only went above mayhem 2 when we started getting legendary coms and stronger and stronger legendary guns just pushed us into m5. Editing out anointments is pain but worth it bl3 editor for the win. You can also scale up your lower mayhem fav stuff to slightly match difficulty change. But it is no rush game was plenty fun at m2 with purple coms and mix of purples and leggos. But post m3 purples without anointments just fall off the cliff except for dlc3 dlc4 ones.

updated ruleset and gear resrtrictions.

some gameplay from today

sadly m11 is noticeably easier than this challenge playthrough was
big sigh

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