+1 To Everyone Behind The PvP Maps / Broadcast Mode Reveal Stream

I just finished watching an archived recording of the live stream and I just wanted to say +1 to all those involved in its conception. When it started, I think the devs said it was their first time doing a live showcase like that so if that’s the case, it worked out pretty well.

I especially liked it how they played some of the game’s soundtrack in the lead up to the live stream, but since I was watching an archived recording (different timezones and all that), I eventually skipped ahead. The transitioning between maps was a bit messy (ie people getting cut off mid talk) and at some points the voiceover vs video/game volume made it hard to hear what they were saying so there’s still stuff that could be improved for future streams. But overall it was a great way to show off the maps and the new Broadcast mode as I for one am quite keen to check out those new sweet looking maps!

I would also suggest splitting the archived stream up for Youtube and/or append it to the Battleplan where those that missed the stream and don’t want watch the whole thing can quickly jump in and watch the stuff they care more about. Having Post Stream threads with bullet point lists of all the reveals is great and all but I think you lose some of the human element you get by actually watching the devs talk about it on the stream.

Please keep doing more showcase streams like this when you have stuff to show. I think getting to see the devs talk about what they’ve been working on for the last couple of months is a great way to show players (some of whom just don’t seem to get it) that you guys are working really hard and want to make the game better as much as the players do. :wink: