1 year BL3 almost and still no Vertical split

You really dont care for your splitscreen mode do you gbx?
Maybe just cancel it out of your game make this singleplayer only since you are so lackluster in giving such basic things into your community.
The people that pay you aren’t your company in the end of the day it is us the consumer.

So be more costumer friendly and stop feeding into your twitchies and YouTubers!


Feels like it. Last I played, still cant see mayhem mods in splitscreen, subtitles still have messed up sizes, and always crash at least once every hour or two.

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They really should just ditch splitscreen entirely. It didn’t make sense to go with horizontal with wide screens so prevalent these days, and they allegedly didn’t even implement that well. It’s a niche feature rather than a basic one, and they should just cut their losses and move on at this point.

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I’m pretty sure they don’t want to support split-screen in any form. The past several patches have make splitscreen play worse and worse. Here’s a list of the issues I have submitted tickets for that have yet to be resolved, after several patches and hot fixes.

These are related to playing splitscreen, with P1 as the primary host and P2 as the “joiner”.

  • COM skills and values incorrect for P2, especially when using a vending machine.
  • Costs for buying items disappears for P2 (suck when using Veteran Rewards)
  • When P2 swaps characters, they can’t trade items to P1
  • When P2 swaps characters, if a different class, their skill tab will display the skills of the first character they joined P1 with. This can prevent them from spending points or changing skills.
  • Mayhem 2.0 modifiers still don’t scroll in splitscreen.
  • When either player opens a menu it causes the game to pause/lag, regardless of situation.
  • P2 can quit the whole session for both players, without conformation prompt. However, P1 gets one when they go to quit, and P2 gets one when they are leaving the game (not quitting the session).
  • Game still crashes from time to time when a player opens a menu in splitscreen. I haven’t been able to figure out the exact trigger. But it seems to happen most often after a big fight.

There are probably more issues other have experienced. But these are the one that have been plaguing me the most since Cartels/Mayhem 2.0 (roughly).


i still begging for 20 sensitivity slider , i guess the demanding is so low that gbx wouldn’t care bout our issue

Funny how changing a few words of your statement can sum up my thoughts perfectly.


This thread is harsh. That said, I do want them to spend some quality time on the splitscreen functionality. And no they shouldn’t ditch it.


I wish I was a cloud so I could get hit by an airplane.

Well i don’t want them to ditch it this is just a call for the devs to understand coop is what made BL games outstanding now they just don’t put any effort into it what so ever…

They really should fix the split screen for good.

That out of the way, im salty ofc i am this game meant so much to me and my brother before it released. Still love the old games but BL3 still feels like in development.


I posted once or twice how easy it is to enable split screen for both vertical and horizontal with unreal 4

Ita not some exotic code or anything special or hard what i believe is theyll have these problems.

Menus, completely unreadable text. Resolution issues. Sizing issues.
All the problems would be interface based.

I also think the situation shoulda be resolved long ago… But i dont think its something they honestly want to do.

I believe they want to sell more copies.
No ones doing community patch this time round so far. They update this game like a live service game.

We could probably have unoffcial patches on consoles if it wasnt for sony/Microsoft.
But i dont think pc gamers ever had couch co op.

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Yeah watched that vid.
Did not seem that hard tbh.

You are probably right with they concentrate on selling more copies at the moment.
Tho split has huge issues and it comes up all the time.

They should just fix it. Its their game.

If PC had couch coop option people on steam would have made vertical split happen already.

I actually do think they will fix it. I dont know when to guess they will. My best guess is the 1 year anniversary could likely get a large quality of life+ patch.

Co op is why I love this game. I’m not really a hardcore stat man or a collector. Yeah it’s cool to get certain loot but enjoyment when I play is #1. I like playing this game with my partner, we’ve played it together from the very beginning, there are very few games as good as this one you can play through together in the same room at the same time. The way co op has been handled in this one is really disappointing. Like it’s been mentioned earlier in the thread, it’s like the game was made for people on YouTube with the story and the wacky modifiers a younger audience rather than the real fans. If they ditch co op then we wouldn’t buy a copy 100%.

We’ve just about got through 3 by turning our living room into a cinema, just so we can see and read whats going on. It’s cost us a lot of money just to make this game work. Honestly the way it’s all been handled has been a massive disappointment, it’s opened my eyes when it comes to purchasing a gearbox product in future.

The radio silence is a disgrace imo. Great game (once we got it to work) but a lot of real fans bought top end collectors editions and have them sat gathering dust. You owe them far more than a copy paste “were looking into it”

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Didn’t know about a lot of these. Tho we haven’t played split-screen since … hmm, last November maybe?

Other issues:

  • The super tiny text
  • Boss health bars not showing on P2 screen
  • Quest objectives missing on P2 screen below mini-map
  • General game prompts (level up text, location found text, etc) missing from P2 screen
  • Echo logs still playing twice, this is also happening with online coop
  • and can’t remember all the other issues, haven’t played it in split in quite some time

We keep getting the “we’re looking into it” response. The community leads here have sent our complaints to the Dev team, but we are way down on their to-do list. If we’re even on that list at all. I’m sure they do want to fix things, but right now they’re contractually obliged to push out content as dictated by 2K. That and the performance issues with the older console hardware.

I honestly doubt we’ll see any real split-screen improvements until they re-release on the next gen consoles.


This would be a giant ouch and slap in the face.
There is no performance problems with even the newest games on console.
Some of them had been made for PC but the people that programmed it actually knew what they are doing.

Programmers should be capable to tweak things and make things happen.

After spending many months on this forum asking gbx to do something about the splitscreen I have virtually given up, they really do not care for improving it. That much is obvious.
Me and my gf gave in and she bought it herself, which is exactly what they were hoping for I suppose. And guess what, even with our very fast and stable internet, it was still a laggy and frustrating experience with plenty of framerate issues, we had fun but she has now lost interest because of this. They may have sold another copy but they have lost two future customers.

My partner and I have played Bl2 and now bl3 all the way through on split screen. Never had an issue with split screen on bl2.

We only play the game because it offers split screen and we can play together at home.

Issue still seems to be around fighting a boss then going into the menu. Painful and frustrating when your loosing loot due to getting blue screen afterwards.

The biggest issue I see with vertical split screen has got to be the interface. When you check your gear, everything gets spread out horizontal, you know? I believe the interface would have to be almost rebuilt just for vertical split screen so it didn’t just scale and sandwich everything to make it unreadable and such. Now I’m sure it can be done, but it sounds like man hours that can be spent elsewhere since there’s more prevalent problems the community has, and since the majority of the community isn’t playing couch co-op, this will most likely be on the back burner for a bit, if not indefinitely.
That’s just my thoughts though.

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That’s usually a reason given by game devs for why split-screen is tricky for games like this. How do you squish all that info for 2 players onto a single screen, and keep it readable, across all possible windows and configurations? Etc.

I’m sure it’s possible, eventually, just depends on how much manpower they want to spend on it.

“Just get a bigger screen!”

Thanks, moneybags, I’ll get right on that lol

Sorry, but that’s no longer a viable excuse. Game engines like U4 are designed to run multiple formats. Someone posted a link to a video that shows what the game engine can do. It can support up to 4 players split-screen.

Plus mobile developing has created a suite of tools to accommodate dynamic layouts in programs and websites. You can tell when a well-coded site alters the menus and layouts as you rotate your phone.

I’m not saying it would be as easy as someone typing “_vertSplitScreen.Enable = true” and recompiling. But the days of devs having to build everything from the ground up are past. Plus, it’s obvious that they used a lot previous Borderlands assets to BL3. The plan to not provide a vertical option was deliberate.

Shout out to @renfried for finding this: Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?
Key part is 3 mins in.