1 year later and Zane's Almighty Ordnance is still innacurate/buggy

Not only it has limited use, since you can’t use it properly, unless you’re in an open area, the rockets travel super slow, and there is a weird bug where the rockets will sometimes fail to hit the target and will keep circling around it, which tends to make the rockets miss almost everytime this happens… and you can only use it once per activation.

Can’t wait to see how broken his shoulder cannon will be… Hopefully it won’t make my PC explode instead.


Sorry to quote this, but dang that is a funny line.

i have yet to understand why this is a one time use, and not a killskill thing where the drone will have a chance on killskill to do this on the marked enemy it is attacking
or something
it would deal some cool damage IF it would be fast use and repeatable, either charge time or killskills
if so it would profit from some builds since as a killskill it could totaly profit from some of his skills… maybe.
a real shame, but again one of zanes skills that need a rework or severe buff, like it does 20x the damage or so, since you basically have 5 minute cooldown on this thing so it deletes one enemy almost 100%