10/03/2019 Hotfix - In regards to Glamour (Amara)

New hotfix just went live, and I noticed that my Glamour ability now reclassifies enemies as allies. I can’t damage them while they are under the effects of Glamour. I had been using Glamour with the Ties that Bind Phasegrasp to control entire groups, link them for damage, and disorient them. Now it’s basically a timewaster that makes enemies sit there uselessly until I can damage them again.

The notes stated that they changed it to match the Augment description, but the description only says they become Confused and attack their allies, not become my allies.

I’m hoping that this is only a bug; but if it isn’t, I would like to request that this change be reverted. After all, what kind of mind control skill doesn’t let you beat your whelps?


100% Agreed, the new glamour is straight up bad. I really liked that CC but now it’s just horrible. This needs to get either reverted or fixed.


so does that mean 4-5 enemies are your allies now? lol

it should just kill them after it expires anyway,

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Yep, it’s completely useless now. I’m quite sure these devs don’t play their own game considering how many bugs are around and how they consider this a “fix.” The skill was bad before, but it’s completely unusable now. GG.

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Yeah, but you also can’t damage them and they kinda scatter so it’s more trouble than it’s worth if you end up corralling a sizable group

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Pretty sure it is broken. It makes no sense the way it works now, ties + glamour = useless, which does not make sense. No combo should be useless. Plus, it works fine offline, without the hotfix.

I’m thinking this will be fixed soon. At least, I hope so, since my entire Amara build (not to speak of my fun) depends on it.

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