10/11 Locations in Midnight's Cairn (Maliwan Takedown)

As a completionist, this is highly annoying to me: I’ve completed the Maliwan Takedown several times with Amara and Zane. For both characters, the entire map is uncovered, but I’m still missing 1 location. There are some locations in the rest of the game which are very small and thus tough to find (notably 1 in Floodmoor Basin and 2 in The Splinterlands). But I was able to find tips online regarding those. Not so much for Midnight’s Cairn. Has anyone here figured out that elusive 11th location?

Talking about that, in Maliwan Takedown there is something that intrigues me, just after the Valkyries Nest there is a platform that starts moving as soon as you get past the vending machines, this platform crosses a large gap, is there a way to catch the platform and go to the other side?

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I highly doubt it. Looks just like a decorative map design detail to me. There’s also the fact that the map ends with the part of the platform which remains stationary.
Granted, there are a couple of places in the game where you can walk outside the area painted on the map, but those seem to be instances of sloppy map-drawing more than anything else.

Where do you see this? I show 100%, but don’t see 11 ‘locations’.

edit - found it. I have all 11… not sure where I went to get 'em? I did make it a point to de-fog the entire map.

It would be a shortcut to Wotan, but it’s designed to move away and you need to take longer route with enemies.

Yeah, I did, too. Must be one of those annoying cases (like the ones I mentioned in the OP) where the actual location discovery trigger zone is much smaller than the de-fog zone around the player.

I was hoping the folks behind the on-line map would have this, but there doesn’t appear to be a map for Midnight’s Cairn (yet?)

They do have this handy-dandy thing for the rest of the game though:

Maybe if enough folks ask nicely they’ll add the Takedown locations?

I already checked their map tool, but thanks the the tip, anyway. I guess I will head over to their forum thread and ask about adding it.

thats why i keep falling off, and had to start all over?

It’s in the Jackpot section.

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Thanks a bunch for pointing this out! As it says in the map tool, it’s still a work in progress; so far, there are only 4 locations marked. But I’ll keep checking in to see when they’ll complete it.

There appear to only be nine areas? I just ran this with a new character, de-fogged the entire thing, got all 11 spots, but only counted these manually:

Secure Airlock (starting point)
Approaching Midnight (where the Ratch are)
Facility Staging Zone Gamma (past the first gate with mounted turrets)
Tritanium Receiving Dock (past the first mini boss)
Nest of the Valkryies (coming down first elevator)
Katagawa’s Reach (past Valkyrie area)
Prototype Transport Bridge (that open area with the orbs that have that elemental rake)
Mechanized Warfare Development Labs (through the metal door)
Ragnarok Command (Wotan’s turf)

I wonder what the two are? :thinking:

Turns out the problem applies to my Amara and Zane.
I had beaten the takedown with Moze in a party before, and on my Moze, I have 11/11 locations.
Yesterday, I entered the takedown for the 1st time with my FL4K - went through the entire thing and voila, 11/11. It’s so infuriating that one of the locations is either bugged or so small that it’s super easy to miss.

Oh weird.

I just finished it with special attention on named locations and all 11 are on the way to Wotan.

We’d need to define “on the way” in that case. It could still be that one of the locations is very small in its actual size/zone and you just happened to walk through it while I (on my Amara and Zane) didn’t. If that’s not it, then it has to be a bug as I completed the takedown at least 7-8 times with both characters - as I said, without any fog remaining on the map.

Unfortunately, MapGenie’s map of Midnight’s Cairn hasn’t been updated, either (at least in regard to the locations).

Basically straight way to Wotan, without any additional tour. Valkyries Nest was 7th location iirc.