10/17 Flakker nerf is wayyyyy too far

I agree the Lyuda and Crossroad needed a nerf. I love them but they made choosing other weapons in their classes feel weak.

But the Flakker nerf makes it completely immune to any of Moze’s ammo skills. It basically becomes a 2nd rate weapon now…super lame. Only 1 shot per clip and a 33% damage nerf is ridiculous.


yeah holy crap, it went from like 3-4 shots to one. revrert flakker nerf.


Watch out you might be hit with the community police. Not allowed to talk about the new buffs an nerfs I don’t think.

Just said about inventory as my entire space I used up is redundant and bammm deleted message.

But yeah I won’t use the flakker now so that’s another 3 saved items I can rid off… Not sure what to replace it with… Here is to another day of testing guns


If I were you I would create a mule character to give the flakkers to. I’m hoping they come to their senses and at least give it back 1 more ammo. They may revert the change a bit like they did with Leave No Trace.
If they fix it you’ll be sad you got rid of them.

Can everyone please keep the hotfix conversations in the hotfix, if you want to effect change to a nerf, which has happened before, it is easier for the dev’s to see it in one place, rather than muliple threads.

Thank You

If you have character specific ones, in those character’s topics that might be ok but one per character please.

Other than that let’s keep them together.