10/17 Hotfix bewilderment

As a Zane main, why is it only digi clone thats been touched? Why not the rest of his skills that are underperforming?

And the Flakker “adjustment”, while I get it, the using the entire mag per shot is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous unless they adjusted the mag size down, otherwise you will absolutely burn through a very limited pool of ammo entirely too quickly to even make the weapons absurd damage worth it.

Cutsman damage reduced, it already did underwhelming bullet damage, its calling was absolute ludicrous DoT and elemental damage. I still use a level 43 fire one, and it wrecks ass.

The only DAHL weapon touched is the Vanquisher? No damage increase and DoT duration increase for the Hellfire? No more of the random ass projectile BS that the Night Hawkin does through every time it drops? Getting real tired of it dropping with a x3 projectiles, and then coming back and its back to 1.

Atlas only getting 1 weapon adjusted? The Rebel Yell sucks. It says it does shock, but thats only for the stupid tracker darts…The normal fire mode does normal bullet damage…

Digi-Clone health increased by 100%. Useless if you haven’t increased the base damage it does. I use barrier with it, and as such I hardly ever have issues with it not having enough health when I throw it up behind a barrier that regens health for it. What it needs is more damage, especially noticable when the mayhme modifier comes up that gun damage is decreased and ability damage is increased, because since my digi-clone uses my gun, its anyones idea if its getting debuffed since its using a “gun”, but yet it does so little damage that its near useless on a lot of bosses because the clone would rather shoot at any target, it would be nice if I could press RB again to “mark” a target for it to attack similar to how you can tell the SNTL to attack a certain target.


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