10/17 Hotfix or Patch?

What do you think we are finally going to get ? I feel it should be something big specially halloween event will be on soon, game needs some fixes specially on interface, also we need more diversity when it comes to farming locations, slaughter shaft and graveward are top now and everything else can be ignored, instead of nerfing loot on this two locations they should boost the drop rates on bosses that takes more time to kill like rampager, takes like 5x more time to kill it because of the HP lock, should drop much more loot.
I also wish for more info to show character stats and a test dummy in sanctuary, and ofc the most important the performance issues, even with my high end PC I still see fps drop when I click over zed med item for some reason, odd issue since having lots of particles in action and over 10+ enemies shooting at me does not affect frames, there is for sure performance issues with the game UI even on high end machines.
In general they should balance the drop loot quality in locations that demand more time for a player to spend, otherwise graveward and slaughter shaft will be forever the main location for endgame.

There is a full video of them explaining what the patch will include.
At work so I cant open youtube to post link

I am pretty sure there is no such thing, I saw all streams from gearbox so far, they talked only what they would like to change and what they are working on, never heard for sure 100% what the next patch will include like a changelog or something, we will know for certain once patch is announced with the changelog.

There is a video of a guy (responsible for items and more things) and a girl.
He explains the patch will include a lot of item balancing, bringing powerful legendaries down, like lyuda and hellwalker, and useless legendaries up.
It will include moze, fl4k and zane buffs (mech, pets and clone usefulness in mh3)
And more things I dont remember. He talked about performance too, but didnt promise anything.
And altho he didnt specify date, it’s an inminent specific patch, not somethig on the works for the future

they said are working on performance since day 1 this are old news, the persons you refer is Elisa tyreen voice actress and the other guy dont know hes name hes the DEV who actually nerfs items and writes patch notes, there was nothing 100% certain from that guy, they were still working on stuff so its obv he could not say clearly what will be changed, and about lyuda and hellwaker the nerf is not 100% certain but he said this guns perform better than other guns a bit to much actually, he also admits most of legendary weapons in game needs a buff, so yea nothing is clear yet what will happen.

Game mechanics on Rampager are easy. Though he is a bullet sponge. His drops so far have been lackluster.

Actually ran out of SMG bullets with Zane going up against Rampager in TVHM Mayhem 3 during the mission “Beneath…”. with Maya. Switched to pistol and poppud the Digi-Clone with a Undermining Crossroads alternating with Flakker for close in shots on Rampager. Final moments was with two Flakkers beating Rampager down in the last 2% of his life.

I’ve ran out of bullets before on Rampager during Normal Mayhem 3 farming with certain weapons before switching to the backups. That happens on “50% less damage from bullets”.

Most of his attacks I dodged through judicious use of the terrain, hang around the corners to avoid most of his AoE; run to the opposite corner (the stairs) if he gets to close.

With Zane, the Digi-Clone doesn’t distract Rampager all that much. Of course, with Grenade-Queen Goddess Moze and FL4K, dropping Rampager takes significantly less time - depending on the Mayhem 3 modifiers.

Running two 1070 TI’s and even they have a hard time keeping up at times when my screen goes into Epilepsy Mode with all the spectacular explosions. Though, recently… the FPS drops have been occuring more on the low end with less screen explosions.

Just got to love when Moze lights up the screen.She’s Easy Mode for the time being. Which is a trade off for Iron Bear being totally useless - though I did find a build on youtube that can do Mayhem Mode 3 with some work - wouldn’t recommend it for CoS and such though. For the FPS drops? Sure, same situation: Works fine with lots of particle splatter on the screen then mysteriously seizes up with only a few explosions - which is the opposite of what was occuring (even then a rarity).

The worst issue I have starting up Windows and then leaving it alone for 10-15 minutes. The machine just sits there. Start the Epic Luancher, load up Borderlands… and stutter from hell with jitters. That is with the machine doing a startup and then sitting there for 10-15 minutes doing nothing.

Worst? MS Game overlay with even the Nvidia overlay causing some issues. MS is the worst for me. Nvidia, not so much unless I bring up the UI on the screen. Then the game poops out. MS fix is easy: turn that off completely even in Services.

AS for loot? What are players going to do when they have everything and DLC’s become a breeze? The game has only been out for a month or so. I think the loot drops are just fine. Certain sense of satisfaction when you farm Warden for the Ushippable Freeman and then it finally drops. Now, that Recurring Hex? That is being a pain in the a**.

Loot on a platter? No thanks. The game would become boring if that happened. Looking forward to the DLC’s.

is there going to be a patch on 10/17?mm/dd or is it delayed? to be honest the content is dry on borderlands 3 right now, Theres nothing much to do, a patch would really give people reason to log in again. right now i don’t even wanna log in lmao.

I have seen no confirmation a patch is today.

We hope to see one and most patches and hotfixes are on thursdays and fridays and this is close to the “30 day” that has been talked about.

But these patches have to go through a certification process and that time frame differs and is out of gearbox’s control.

We do not know for sure if we are getting one today or tomorrow.

One of the Borderlands devs was on a youtube show - don’t have link and can’t recall which show - discussing how there was going to be a big patch coming. IIRC, that was after they reverted Moze and FL4K’s changes (Moze grenade regen from 2s to 0.3s) and FL4K change. Watched it about 2-3 days ago.

No official date on when, except “soon”. Until it drops or is announced, treat it with a grain of salt.

Personally, I liked the grenade change to Moze. Made it more of a challenge. No more grenade-spam insta-death for bosses. Well, it was a step in the right direction.

Worst case? I’m expecting that they might actually end up changing the skill trees on one or more characters. For instance, doing something about Moze’s Grenade Spoam (which is too fun) Epilepsy Mode. I do hope they are warning people about they screen pyrotechnics.

skill trees are also down on the website since yesterday, might be a coincidence but it might also be because we get something today or friday

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hope fully today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

I also hope but I don’t want people to expect it

Nothing, they’ll skip this weeks hotfix/patch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

actually they just posted it 20 mins ago lel

Closed at request of the OP because the hotfix is posted