10 days waiting for support - LEGENDARY MALIWAN WEAPON

Still not got it, support seems slow and unresponsive after asking me to provide a video of my account which i did.

I have actually purchased 9 weapons and it still doesnt show. Why is this even a thing.

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This is the one for BL3?

yep. I have 9 weapons listed on the account + the free pack as well. it still is not showing.

All I can suggest is that, if it’s been more than a week since you last heard anything, you reply to the last email and request an update. I’ve been seeing quite a few posts about the legendary not getting indicated properly.

If you didn’t already, one thing you might want to try is signing out of your VIP account, clearing your browser of all cookies/history for the site, then signing back in, just to see if that triggers something.

I have tried this as it was the first thing i did with support. I have messaged support today (this morning in hopes of a reply).

I had 4 checkmarks (5th including the early adopter) and bought the additional 3 from BL3 VIP rewards. I have been waiting for hours to get the legendary weapon.
Same problem here :frowning: !!! The 2K support is not good.

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It just worked right now. Thank you !
log out of shift, close the tab and open it up, log in = boom