10-man Private Matches-PC

Hello all!!

A group of battleborn players including myself run 10-man private matches often to play with each other while learning the game more. We try to seperate teams to make it even and many times it turns out to be extremely fun close matches. However, there are times when new people try to join and ofcourse the match doesn’t really turn out so well for them. I was thinking about maybe getting more average players (not to offend anyone, but you know what I mean) to join so everyone can have fun balanced matches instead of feeling like breaking their keyboard after every one. Of course spectators are welcome too! So if anyone on PC are up for it, just drop a response back. If there are enough responses I’ll love to make this happen.

FYI- We usually play meltdown matches with no legendaries and a draft.

Also, this is not meant for the BB players that pub stomp and carry everyone on their back. -BB terms (lol). But still send a reply… you can join us if you like in our regular 10- man games for fun.


I can be part of this steam name is my username.

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cool! Ill add you later and send you the link to the discord and so you could know when we do the 10 mans. My idea about the whole thing was just to find a way to help everyone improve instead of just having stomp fests. Haven’t had many responses as you can see but hopefully if you are looking to improve you can get advice from many good players on the discord channel.

Yesus was trying to set up similar for EU so you could contact them.

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cool, will do