10 Mayhem Levels on Mayhem 2.0

Let’s speculate why there are 10 Mayhem levels in Mayhem 2.0.

We have an idea of some of the mods like big heads, but I’m wondering why 10 levels. How can we split the current Mayhem 1 to 4 to 10 difficulties? Or probably it’s just 10 variations of effects with still 4 difficulties?

I like the idea of the 'fun’elements being introduced.

Reminds me of running various game servers and screwing around with settings which makes for a crazy game.

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I’d be happy with something like the crazy modifiers from Underdome.

I think 10 levels of Mayhem is awesome, and makes a lot more sense because it allows the difficulty selection to be a lot more granular. Hell, Diablo 3 has 16 Torment levels of difficulty, 10 is nothing!

As for the modifiers…well I will have to see how they work in practice. Things like “Big Head mode” and “Floor is lava” sound extremely gimmicky, and I worry that they will get old very quickly - which is then going to lead to people re-rolling the modifiers even more than they do now. What I was hoping for was just a smarter system with selectable or swap-able modifiers that allowed you to earn more or less loot/cash/XP depending on what you select. Big head mode is not exactly what I had in mind…

I will ultimately reserve judgment though until I see all of the modifiers and the mode in action.

I just hope 10 mayhem don’t translate into more bullet sponge enemies.

I think I know who suggested that.


It might be a way to add new items into the game without requiring a full DLC. For example, we don’t currently have a fire immunity shield in BL3, like we had in BL2. The Floor is Lava mod might be tied to a Mayhem level where you have to work through it, and as a reward you get a fire-proof shield.

I just hope the rewards aren’t super narrow and only useful in specific modes.

I just wanted more mayhem levels with increasingly tougher enemies, to go along with the enivrtable power creep that will come with added levels, skills points etc.

But nope. Back to annoying modifiers being shoved down our throats