10+ minutes can't find a FaceOff match WTH?

FINALLY get a chance to play the new Pvp mode and I’ve been waiting 13 minutes to find a match?

Found a whole team after 8 minutes but they all left Cuz it couldnt find a team to play against?

It’s a FEW HOURS OLD is this really happening already?

PS4, mountain time, currently almost 9 pm.

Try restarting the game. It’s worked for me in the past. Otherwise on XB1 I got a game in less than a minute. Hope you’re playing soon!

Also keep in mind that many people are still downloading the update. Its huge and webconnections differ alot.

(I´m at 6% now…5 hours download time so far…I think I may be able to play in 3 days, maybe ToT)


Most people are probably still downloading the patch, myself included.

Be patient young padawan.

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Beside People who still download (thank you sloppy internet) It might be that people focus on attikus DLC now, since it can grant infinite Commander Packs, but surely not on the first playthrough, so it needs time until they had their fill.

I probably won’t touch face off the next days, but I’m more PvE player anyway.

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I’m definitely gonna be focusing harder on FaceOff and Meltdown, but I do want to play the crap out of the new story.

I need 2 more damn wins for obliterator…i’ll be on PVP I assure you.

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Our team (first of four, then of five) couldn’t find a single game of Face Off tonight despite waiting for an hour. It was Friday evening Australian time, and there were Incursion and Meltdown matches (albeit genuinely awful ones that all ended within six minutes.)

Is this a trend or just a freak occurrence? Just a few days ago it was hopping. Relatively speaking.

I was getting games fine last night, until the servers suddenly kicked me and a friend I was teamed with. It gave us one of those “servers cannot be reached” messages. After that I couldn’t get a game in any of the modes despite resetting the game and queue’s. Did about fifty minutes of searching in 10 minute intervals and only found about seven people total who were still in the queue’s. Haven’t tried it this morning yet.

I’ve been playing Battleborn, all match types, off and on since 5 am Mountain time today, and there were 2 30-60 minute windows where BB kept saying “Failed to authenticate player with server”.

I get the impression they are having server issues this morning.

I’m going to have to agree with this. Played until about 245ish this morning eastern time, when I finished my last match (and finished some Deande lore) I got removed from the server, lost all progress and gear. Went and checked, and the lore I had complete was now not completed, couldn’t retrieve the last match I had played. Trying to get on now, and repeatedly getting “Player Initialization Failed”. Ah well, Battlefield 1 will be here in a few hours.

*edit: NEVERMIND! Stupid freakin PSN is down. The check are they doing with my money? I swear, if it wasn’t for the Xbox controller, I’d be a fan…

It’s not just PSN. Dyn (a major DNS center) was slammed early this morning by a global DDoS attack that took most of the East Coast offline, and took reddit / twitter / amazon offline entirely for hours. It sounds like it’s an ongoing test against DNS server stability - attacks of this nature have been ramping up for the last six months, and this one’s been going on most of the day. I’d expect connections to be spotty for most of it.

In other words, Serious Business is happening.