10 more levels? I don't get it

For Borderlands 2 we had to wait a significant amount of months to see the final level increase in the second UVH upgrade pack.

Now, only five months since Borderlands TPS was released we’ll get the second level upgrade, but only the first campaign DLC (in my opinion The Holodome Onslaught isn’t a campaign, just an arena to shoot things).

Maybe am wrong, but it looks like Gearbox is trying to rush things to end up with BL:TPS as soon as possible to focus on Borderlands 3.

If that’s the case, I think they’re making a huge mistake. I honestly believe that BL:TPS is a game with an enormous potential (even more than Borderlands 2).

Does anybody knows how many DLCs are planned for BL:TPS?

I really don’t want to send my game to the trash too soon.

The last dlc Claptastic Voyage will be out on the 24th. That makes 2 characters, the Holodome, and Clappy’s dlc total. At least that’s all they’ve mentioned…

That’s the last of the season pass, we don’t know if that’s the end of everything.

It’s probably the end, but that’s ok. We knew TPS would get less support than BL2, and that last DLC is rumored to be huge (and has also been made in-house, so quality+++)

If that DLC provides us with most of the things we have been crying to have (more mob density, interesting maps to run, farmable bosses, a LOT of quests, raid bosses, etc…) I’ll be happy with what we got.

…maybe a few HH packs would be cool too :wink:

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Won’t somebody please think of the children!? :frowning:

I would almost guarantee there will be more DLC. At no point did the developers say the contents of the season pass would be ALL the content made for TPS. Not once. Looking at what happened with DLC on BL1 and BL2, I am certain we will see more DLC. Everyone was yelling how there wouldn’t be a second level cap raise–I voiced my opinion (much like here) that BL1 had 69 and BL2 had 72 (not including OP levels), so I figured TPS would probably have about the same. Now we are getting that. I’m not Nostradamus. Just look at the other games. Same thing applies with DLC. I would be GREATLY shocked if we don’t see at least two more campaign DLC’s after the upcoming release.

Prepare yourself to be shocked would be my advice

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TPS always came across as a stopgap to me. Just something to tide people over until BL3.

Difference here is that the season pass is all inclusive this time around. Most people bought the season pass therefore it will cost them a lot of money to make more DLC which will return hardly any profit. Sure some individual purchasers will cough up for it but for most of is it will be a freebie and for Gearbox it will be giving money away. Since they charged full price for this game in the first place we can already get a sense that they are in it for the money to help out games like Battleborn and others. The first and primary reason they would make any DLC is that it returns a lot more money that it took to make. Comparatively they could put the same resources in for a higher return on investment into Battleborn rather than the small pot of money they would get back from extra DLC (non season pass) purchases. It won’t happen or what they will do will be super cheap and small like headhunter packs (but I don’t think this will even happen). The economics of running a business overrides what they would like to give us and becomes what they can afford to give us. Not enough people are still playing this game to make more DLC profitable.

Probably cause they knew TPS wouldn’t end up being as large or grand as BL2. Plus, this isn’t like some new experiment with the level cap (though to me it doesn’t make sense, 60 was perfect).

I’d rather they just fix a few minor bugs, finish the Clappy DLC, then maybe have a much smaller DLC. TPS was an OK entry, but I’d rather they save some of their really good ideas for BL3 and deliver a REALLY good game, not just OK.

As long as they don’t release another DLC and make it free for season pass owner I am not buying this. I know Randy Pitchfork said at Pax (?) last year everything is included. On the other hand did (the steam) store page always only indicated 4 items being included.

On the other hand I also doubt they make any DLC. But if they did, I’d say it would be 50/50 if you have to pay or not.

they did. well at least they said all four pieces of dlc will be in the pass.

It’s SO frustrating fo me because it seems like Gearbox has really stuck their foot in their mouth and broken it off / painted themselves into a corner with this all DLC included in the seasons pass thing.

I wish they could just erase that comment from existence!

As a hardcore science fiction / space opera fan, i love TPS soooo much and the Clappy DLC blew my mind!

I want there to be more DLC!

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Hopefully BL3 will be worth it