10 new hidden achievements on steam

I completed all the achievements on the PC version some time ago and I just noticed that it says “You have unlocked 53/63” I have no clue what the new achievements are but I am excited that something new is coming up. I have not played TPS in weeks because reasons.


/ten characters

I got the Achievemnt_54 doing a Duel with another random dude yesterday…

Hmm, is Clappy’s DLC imminent? TTAoDK also had exactly 10 achievements and both are different.

I got Achievement_54 after I killed a kraggon in Serenity Waste the other day.

It looks like 0.8% of ppl have the achievements_54. But if it’s tied to clappy, how can ppl get it without DLC?

Maybe a new patch will add more achievements (no DLC related), that is why people with the base game can get it.

im still at 100% on psn… im giddy with anticipation!!!

Could this possibly mean the map DLC is around the corner? That’s the only reason they would add new achievements in surely?

I’m excited about this. I just wish we got more content than one campaign dlc though, but it is what it is.

Better than nothing I suppose. I’m just hoping its a bigger dlc than say the ones we got in borderlands 2. So many people have left the Pre Sequel already it would be nice to have a huge dlc to bring some of them back

I’m not going to get my hopes up this time. I hope I’m wrong, and that it’s bigger than TTaoDK with plenty of new loot, AND with fixes to some of the “major” bugs that haven’t been addressed yet (150 Moonstone bank/backpack bug, and Claptrap’s bugged legendary class mod, to name two). What I’m expecting is something much, much smaller, with maybe one new gun (that will be another of the “troll” weapons they seem to love to give us, like a TPS version of the Bane or something :wink: ).

If it is bigger than tiny Tinas, and

Has a bunch more new loot that allows for a whole bunch more builds and approaches…new tactics etc…


Bosses become farmable


They fix the backpack and bank issue


Like 3 more Quality Raids and another circle of slaughter BA type fight

The game will move from the very good catagory to GREAT!

Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement on this soon.

Probably an attempt to hype the update we were promised.Games like Payday2 do this all the time.