100% All Character Completion Group

Just looking for A group doing a 100% completion on all 3 titles in preperation for Borderlands 3
Hmu I’ll Drop Steam Friend Link Bellow , Just Let Me Know Your Not Spam.


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Welcome to our Community, sirvapor! There is no one on Steam using your “sirvapor” nickname and your link doesn’t work within the Steam client. Many of us never bother accessing Steam’s website online b/c it’s superfluous if you’ve got the client installed.

You may wish to share with the Community your various nicknames at different places where you game and visit on your profile. That way, when you invite people to something, they can find you. Personally, I don’t accept any “blind” invitations like your’s without knowing why I’m being invited. There are thousands of players in this Community including me who have what you refer to as “100% completion on all 3 titles” so that in itself may not be a draw.

Happy gaming :upside_down_face: