100% anointed items: can we get confirmation?


When the patch was released that added the ability to get 100% anointed items it was asked for clarification and @Noelle_GBX replied this was on M10. I took this to mean you had to play M10 for 100% anointed drops. Since then I have seen people stating that it’s actually M8 and above and they reference a streamer chat where @Noelle_GBX stated it was M8 and above so I’m a bit confused.

I haven’t been playing much BL3 lately so can’t say from experience but can we get a confirmation that anointed gear drops 100% on M8 and above or is it just an increased chance until M10? The main reason I moved to M10 was for that perk but I think M8 is a better mayhem level atm so I would love to know if this is in fact the case.

who cares? everyone is farming guns on mayhem10 anyway xD

Honestly, until the game is actually fixed (drop rates, item scaling etc…) I would prefer to play on a lower difficulty. M6-M8 is a more sensible level to play on but it makes no sense if you still have to deal with the voluminous amounts of items that don’t have anointments.

ATM, I’m not playing at all but might play some if I can play on M8 and not give up the anointed gear drops.

I’ve been sticking with M8 and I can’t recall seeing anything that wasn’t anointed. Aside from vendors, but I’m guessing that’s part of the non scaling issues. I switch down to M6 occasionally when I’m wanting more casual play and can confirm that non anoints do drop.


I’ve been sticking to M4 until a) Mayhem level is shown on the weapon card and b) M10 gear is guaranteed to drop on M10.

I’m actually having fun with non-meta gear on M4, along with actually seeing action skills and grenades that do damage (rather than just be solely as anointment triggers, though they’re nice for that too :slight_smile: )


^ This. I’ve yet so see a non-anointed item on M8.
Every drop has it. (Except coms and artifacts, ofc., vendor items, …)