100% completed titles that stood locked

I have 3 titles that were done completely, like “Coopetiton”, “BADA BADA BOOM”, “Worthy of song”. They all are at 100% for me but still stay locked.

More people have this problem. Coopetition, BADA BADA BOOM, Worthy of song and Right behind you are titles that may show up as 100% complete.
Question: Are you sure you have done these challanges?

I have BADA BADA BOOM at 100% and locked, but I have NEVER completed that challenge. There is a bug at the moment that everyone has them at 100%.

Well, I’m not sure about “BADA” and “Worthy”. Actually, I wasn’t playing Battleborn like for month or more, and newer was hunting for titles, so it’s hard to remember now. But I remember our team achieving “Coopetiton”.

I’m okay if they’ll all will just came back to normal “not achieved” state or either become active. The thing that annoys me is them being “locked”. Like, I will never be able to achieve them now?

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