100% Cyro Nerf?

Hey Guys, just want to check, im not sure if this is an update or something, yesterday i found out that the guns i have with 100% cyro annointment were adjusted to 50%?? is this for real or a bug? i have a maggie with this annointment which is my favorite but then after seeing this yesterday i got so disappointed and stop playing… let me know please…

I don’t understand your post. Are you saying that somebody told you that 100% cryo annoints are nerfed? Or are you saying that you played the game and noticed that 100% cryo had reverted to 50%? Because if it’s the former then someone lied to you or is pulling your leg. If it’s the latter then make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest patch.

An easy way to verify that you have the patch installed is to check the GR menu. If you are able to disable GR then you know you have the patched installed.

no one told me there was a nerf, i just presume there is, was not aware of the update/hotfixes as of the moment. yes the 100% cyro annointment was change to 50%, so basically what your saying is i need to update the game and everything will work out well, let me try that then maybe the game is not updated it takes a while in console. thank you for your reply.

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Wait in main menu until you see the hotfix sign, perhaps the annointment buffs are still applied through hotfix rather than the patch.

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