100 damage ASE or 25% crit damage?

Just wondering as to which anointment is better overall.

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Lol. Doc strangelove is usually a little more in depth!! :joy:. The 100 anoint will out way the 25crit unless you are a crit monster.

@DocStrangelove… cmon! Give him a little more! :grin::grin:

Yeah ok.

A) Gun damage is generally better than crit damage because crit damage is based on gun damage. So eg if you have +100% crit damage you’ll get +100% only on crits, while with +100% gun damage you’ll get +100% on non-crits and on crits.
B) 100% > 25%

Unless you’ve got great trouble keeping ASE anointments up, +100% gun dmg vastly outperforms +25% crit dmg. So even if you’re a crit monster, gun damage is better.

The only exception would be if you’ve got many hundreds of bonus % in gun damage already and none in crit damage, but that’s very unlikely.


I was just discussing these anointments here: Why are some anointments so.. Crappy?

Basically, the 25% crit bonus deals ~62% as much damage on a crit as the 100% bonus does. And 50% as much on a normal hit, since it gets no bonus at all.

Think of it this way -
You have a gun that deals 100 damage.
Crit hits deal double damage (plus any bonuses), so a critical does 200 damage.
+100% damage means your gun deals 200 on a normal hit and 400 on a critical.
+25% critical damage means your gun deals 100 on a normal hit and 250 on a critical (200x1.25).

Given the choice, I’d pick the +100% every time.


I’d use Zane’s barrier or Fl4k’s rakk crit anointments if you want a crit buff that’s usable.

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You probably wouldn’t even notice the 25% crit anointment, it’s pretty insignificant.

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Fair enough. I say this because I’d be using a Wedding Invitation, and I have a 45% Jakobs crit on my Class Mod.