100 ppl on gearbox forums ruining the game for millions

Gearbox keeps screwing up the game because less than 10 ppl here on the forum give them dumb ideas and complain that the game is “too easy”, for some dumb reason Gearbox ignores the opinion of millions and doing what few stuck-up ■■■■■■■■ tell them to, you know average games who bought BL1, 2 and pre sequel didn’t bother register here no when 10 ppl say the game is too easy doesn’t mean the rest of us think that way. This is just sad, you know how many of my friends on steam gave up on BL? ALL!!! i have 10 ppl in my friends list who play BL and none of them play pre sequel anymore nor will buy the next BL.

Gearbox, i recommend you listen to the majority rather than few “veteran” ppl registered on here. Or your next BL will not sell well. Thank you, signing out.

I locked your other thread for a reason. Might want to go check that.