100% reproducible broken level scaling / multiple guaranteed "trivial" story quests ***POTENTIAL SPOILERS***


There are many aspects of the game that make it feel like it was outsourced to junior devs on contract.
A major one is this: Enemy levels vary wildly in several areas of the game.

Even if you do absolutely ZERO side quests there are several areas of the game at which you are guaranteed to be 5+ levels above the enemies. If you do any side quests at all the difficulty becomes laughable…some of the biggest boss fights in the game are over in seconds(literally).

Not sure I have to tell Gearbox this because they probably already know but here are the areas I’ve noticed so far that are guaranteed to be underleveled:

  1. Cathedral of the twin gods (this is such a shame I almost feel bad for the developers when I play through this map.)
  2. Devil’s Razor
  3. The Splinterlands (Yet somehow Carnivora is scaled properly to your level? So confusing)
  4. Basically all of Nekrotafeyo

I’m playing solo on cooperation mode if that matters.

It’s painful to play this game…it could have been game of the year without the UI bugs, character bugs, world bugs, enemy bugs, blatantly obvious lack of optimization, etc.

They accepted all that money from Epic and still couldn’t afford to take care of basic technical issues that many indie games can and do.


On my first playthrough I did zero sidequests until my main quest was 5 levels higher than me (around level 20). maybe stop grinding so many monsters.

Also, some quests scale to your level others are at a set level. So if you have obtained outside XP you will out level this content on your first playthrough. Which is fine, and as intended. new game+ will change this from happening.

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Haven’t grinded any monsters but I do the crew challenges so maybe that affects it…but when the splinterlands area is level 26 and the very next area is level 34 there is something wrong.

The crew challenges give a ton of xp mate.

There was parts like that in bl1 and bl2.

The “normal” run is meant like this. If you grind as ■■■■ you outlevel the quest and can beat it easily, if you don’t the opposite happen. The game really start with TVHM (and even more with the mayhem level) where enemy are always scaled to yours

I know what you’re talking about. I think it happens around the time you go back to Pandora. Suddenly the enemies drop 5 or so levels below the story quest level. The enemies and loot you were getting were your level, then suddenly everything is way below you for an hour or so in the story, then suddenly everything is your level again as you progress further.

I think it’s gotta be a mistake with how they decided the levels for enemies in various zones.

It’s similar to one of my posts but yeah I get it on your first playthrough. They want you to grind for levels, side quests, crew challenges and so on…

But after your first all this should change

I am currently on my 3rd toon to 50 and it’s getting frustrating that I can’t skip cut scenes and quests don’t scale.

This is why I find it a little annoying to rush through the campaign with a new character. As soon as you get off Pandora and fly to Promethea, ■■■■ gets a lot harder. Enemies are alot tougher to deal with because of your underleveled gear. The items I found were almost always 2 or 3 levels higher than me. And this goes on until like what, the Carnivora part? which is quite a while till you get there.

I honestly don’t know what to think about this design choice. I don’t think it’s a good call to force people to do side quests or grind in one place for a bit so that you get in line with the campaign in terms of leveling. But that’s just my opinion.

how the hell are people missing the obvious point so hard in this topic and others?

The level scaling goes from 30s back down to 20s, then back up to 30s in more than one place. It’s not a design choice, it’s a fking mistake that screws up the flow of the game.