100% Run trying from beginning

Hi everyone. This is my first time on these forms but I finally decided to try it. Anyways I’m going for 100% completion on this game. For 2 reason

  1. I’ve never 100% a game before
  2. This is my favorite game of all time
    But basically my point is I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I wanted to know if anyone would like to help me? Up to 3 people obviously but I need people to help me collect heads, skins, and do ALL sidequests and also help me get achievement.

I play on PC on Steam and my steam name is Princess Daisy’s Companion I’m willing to start from the beginning for the experience. Thank you! :smile:

Moved to the PC online section. Good luck!

I’m Down to play :3

awesome! Thanks a lot. I’ll might wait a bit longer to get a few more people

Hey hello , could i still join for coop?
i just started playing the game again and wanted to play with some people.
SteamID: spiky1996