100% spawn Mother of Grogans tips

if she dont spawn first time go into the tunnel behind to make her spawn

The thing I noticed is, when you don’t go straight forward, as in up the little stairs to the chest, and for example go left of the raised platform, she doesn’t spawn.

Best thing to do is just go for the chest, open it (or jump over it to save time) and she should spawn 100%.

Just stand in the room. She spawns 100% during the event (I’ve tested), sometimes she just takes two minutes to walk out.

Or… you could try the method I posted above, wich has a 100% chance of spawning her without waiting whatsoever.

I not only tested this, I’ve been killing her for about 150+ times now since the event started, and not one single time I’ve had her not spawn. Just a fyi.

Just a heads up: I don’t think she drops the deathless artifact. I’ve had tooons of drops, but no deathless.

I have gone for the chest before and still had her not spawn for a minute +, which is why I suggested just standing in the room. Same with the tunnel chest.

I had one run that even after opening the chest/walking past the check, waiting two minutes with nothing happening, I had to climb up where they spawn to get them to spawn. I’ve also had runs where I had to run out of the room completely and kill the mobs outside and then run back in and they have spawned.

Basically, patience is key. Walking past the chest doesn’t always pan out.

Just opening the chest doesn’t work, I tried, you have to get past the chest, that’s why i suggested just jumping over it to make it faster. I haven’t had any problems getting her to spawn in my total 150+ runs.

Or I just was Lucky for all those runs, but I doubt it tbh.