100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

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Tips off the top of my head

  • Don’t ignore survival skills for DPS, there are such things as DPS caps for certain types of play and few characters benefit from overkill damage.
  • Don’t rely on moxxi guns to stay alive
  • Target priority of enemies, not only BA enemies but any enemy with elemental guns.
  • Destroy barrels before you enter a room
  • Don’t let yourself get surrounded, keep enemies in front of you
  • be aware of uneven terrain, you can easily get caught on it and thats the end of you
  • Balance your skills and gear to compliment each other and not always just stack up.
  • Hit crits, enemies die much faster that way
  • know your route to safety and your damage threashold. Different characters can take different amounts of damage and still be safe, well even different builds
  • Use more than the top few guns, if you can’t play TVHM with out a harold your going to be in rough shape in UVHM
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And now for the ultimate "this bad guy is a dick* post

RABID thing’s, especially Stalkers…

Use Singularity’s to pull them away! Slag the tar out of em, and burn them to crap with a fire weapon. If its a Stalker, you gotta get though that shield first… If you can get on some high ground, get on the high ground! If it was overpowered enough to defeat Anikin Skywalker, then its going to save your butt here too!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #23

Don’t be too proud to ease into an area and trigger just a few enemy spawns at a time, then backing out to take them down, and proceeding a bit further. Rushing into an area and spawning them all at once can be a recipe for death if UVHM is already giving you a hard time. There are also, of course, those enemies that will drop you in one shot (Goliath Blasters, Heavy Nomads, for example). The best way to survive an encounter with them is to spot them before they spot you, so you have a chance to get to cover).

Aim for the critical spots every chance you get… it makes a huge difference.

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Good point. There’s actually several advantages to this: on console I’ve often found that when I pull the trigger to ADS, I’m not actually aiming where I thought I was. Still not sure exactly what’s going on when that happens (perhaps a side-effect of lag, as it seems to happen most while on-line?) but it is a thing.

Also, if the enemy you’re aiming for is moving fast, you often can’t track it all while ADS.

Finally, I’ll quickly ADS to make sure I’m on target when throwing longbow or fastball grenades - hate wasting those things!

(Ryoushinteki) #25

Wiping out the smaller enemies some times isn’t the best move. Leave at least one weaker enemy alive until you take out the more dangerous enemies like the back pedaling mauraders that run and hide when they put you down.

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So, gentleman. As I see that there isn’t a specific order to these. I will list them at my discretion on the list above.

I’ll give everyone a few hours to say which of there tips has priority, if they wish to do so. Naturally, and I promote this, PLEASE challenge the set up of the list as it will lead to a better consensus and ultimately a more even list set up.

I’ll begin considering the order by which I will plug them in.

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I don’t have a specific order, Giu, except that I think the #1 priority is to understand your character’s strengths and weaknesses so you can capitalize on the former and mitigate the later. Once you understand the inner workings of your character, you make just about any piece of gear work in UVHM. It’s when you don’t understand those workings that you run into trouble.

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While I agree with this, I think #1 should be “It’s called ultimate for a reason: be prepared to work at being badass”

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That should go without saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would agree but, after seeing innumerous “UVHM is too hard!” threads, a statement to the effect of “We hold these truths to be self-evident… but we’re going to state them anyway” seems pretty much mandatory!

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I think I’m going to reword a bit of this and put it on the top 5, if you don’t mind.

THAT is perfect.

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It drives me nuts when I hear “UVHM is too hard”.

If thousands of people are thriving good and well in it, then it should be manageable.

Same could be said about Overpowered. The “unfair” nature is within it’s name.

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Hey, if an ancient relic like me with bad eyesight, slow reflexes, and an archaic TV screen can do it… :wink:

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You think that is bad mate?

I’ve not been sober since about 2005.

Why do you think I chose the character with the LEAST amount of aiming/ :grimacing:

Also, I’m sure you’re doing yourself an injustice. I bet you’re great at UVHM.

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I’m going on 42, my wife is a few years older than me, and we game with a friend near our age. The three of us took characters all the way from level 1 to OP 8 together and when we started, we said we would never play in the OP levels, much less UVHM. All it takes is a little dedication and learning. If you go into UVHM thinking it’s too hard, then it will be. Personally I like the challenge and won’t play any mode aside from OP 8. Anything else seems like a cakewalk outside of raid bosses and the like.

(Ryoushinteki) #36

Ive always used a melee zero so not much has been hard for me except a couple bosses

(Wolf and Saint) #37

You really only need 3 things for UVHM

1 Slag
2 Learn to match elements (don’t try and use fire to kill a robot)
3 At or near level gear (stop holding onto weapons for a ton of levels just because it is orange)

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Learn how to use Transfusion grenades. If you’re like me and don’t want to use a slot on Moxxi weapons, then Transfusions are your best friend.

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I… think I’ll go and… kill things. And blow stuff up.


-mutters something about my post history-