100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

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As someone who is still Voracidous’s bitch after I don’t even know or want to know how many attempts to kill him, I can confirm this is the truth.

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2 you learn that on NVHM

(Pizadude) #43

B A R ,baby

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From my experience, skills that increase movement speed will help you quite a bit against enemies who melee, on UVHM (let alone OP8) it can make a diffirence.

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I am going to be as concise as possible.

  1. Use the terrain to break line of sight with the enemy, you and the enemy should only meet eye to eye when you are prepare to shoot to kill. Break line of sight during reload.
  2. Break line of sight
  5. Move and shoot, don’t stand still for more than 2 seconds during combat.
  6. Know your enemy, know what the enemy is capable of, don’t go running towards a Blaster Goliath like you would with a little psycho lunatic.
  7. Get some survival/movement kill skill that can keep your momentum during combat, a kill skill last for 8 seconds, kill the target in 8 seconds to get another 8 seconds. Try to chain them…forever.
  8. Map awareness, watch for red dots on the map to identify threats, this is the equivalent of having eyes on the back of your head.
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Magic Missile X 4.

  • Hunts down enemies
  • Can hit up to 4 different enemies
  • Ammo regen
  • Good damage
  • Slag, Slag Everywhere
  • If paired with good builds it very destructive (think Salvadors double grenade at cost of one skill)

Alternatively go for the Chain Lightning, Fireball or other regen grenades.
If possible grab a skill that restores shields upon kill and get the Bee shield + multi-shot weapon
Sand-Hawk, DPUH etc.

These are how my Gaige runs and she has very little trouble with most things in UVHM.

(J3t Hive) #47

I do that its quite fun dodging rockets as your shooting him in the face and throwing the storm front nade or running full head of steam with your BXR and mania active and you smash his face into his face

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #48
  1. Don’t overlook survival skills. It doesn’t have to be all offense, all the time. 0 health returns 0 DPS.
  2. Even if your character has a way to slag in their skill tree, keep a slag weapon active in case you hit FFYL.
  3. When dealing with melee enemies, sidestepping is almost always more effective than backpedaling. This is especially true for rabid enemies.
  4. Know your weapons. If you’re using red text weapons, know what makes them unique and how to take advantage of that.
  5. Don’t be afraid to respec if the situation calls for it. I typically run a Thoughtlock/Ruin Maya, but I spec out of Thoughtlock as soon as I get to Digistruct Peak. It’s just not effective there.
  6. Be prepared to rethink some of your strategies. If you try something a few times and it doesn’t work out, get ready to get creative.
  7. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice some money by dying to take out a really tough enemy. The next time you come back, that area will be much easier with that enemy out of the way. It’s a lot different, for example, fighting against 3 Ambush Commanders instead of 4. And then it’s a lot different fighting against 2 instead of 3.
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Thanks to everyone who contributed so far. Your additions have been added. If you see something you put up that I have not added to the list, I did so simply to avoid do-overs or because a more generalized quote encompassed the idea as well.

I do feel the need to explain why some weren’t added.

Hey mate. Thanks for the addition, and the time. While you make a valid point, we are trying to create a general list for survival that is independent of specific items or builds. I may use this information in the future should I make one for specific characters.

Thanks for the addition. Badass Rank can help, a great deal, but I feel as though most people will invest in it naturally, independent of UVHM.

(Cast Iron Chef) #50

I thought kill skills were 7 seconds?

I can help out with the Krieg and Maya ones should you decide to do those, Giu. :smile:

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #51

I’ve added special thanks to each contributor on the top post.

Thanks for the help so far gents. Lets keep this work going.

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #52

Gulf, I practically have you on speed dial for Krieg help.

Also, I feel as though I will do a “50 ways to stay alive” for each individual character in their particular sections.

(Cast Iron Chef) #53

Heh. Yeah, I do know a thing or two about a melee/bloodlust Krieg. Never tried a melee/hellborn, but that’s only because I don’t really like Hellborn’s mechanics.

While I’m not Derch, I have played Maya quite a bit at OP 8, so I know a few things about keeping her alive and able to dish out damage. Derch is the Maya guru though. I’d hit Janderson up for Zero since Coontail isn’t around much anymore.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #54

The bit about Salvador and Gaige is actually just as examples about how I’ve used or theorised these. Technically they should work for any character and the Shield return on kill is just incase there’s skills that restore shields upon kill or ones that lower shield recharge delay upon kill for different classes as it’s been a while since I played Borderlands 2.

As for this probably to rephrase it Magic Missile or other regen grenades to keep from having to buy or constantly hunt down grenades for dealling bonus damage when they might not drop.
The points were just reasons I thought that the Magic Missile was good for UVHM (minus the last one, I accidently bullet pointed that one when I meant it for a footnote).
Should also add it saves the small time that changing from a Slag gun to another one loses that you could be causing damage as you can still fire when you throw a Slag grenade.

A whole new point.
Memorise what gun is bound to each key on your D-Pad/hotkeys as it can be quicker than spamming through your guns until you hit what you want to use.

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #55

A very fair point on efficacy, but it still on a matter of circumstance and limited to a wide scope of builds (but not all). I for one don’t even know what a blue strip looks like any more (Rough Rider user since TVHM).

Ah. I completely understand mate. I think a general “ammo regen value” statement should be added in the future. Given that we wind down I may elaborate on it further using this idea in particular. I feel as though the concept, in theory, can be brought together for several items which either save ammo (Top) or regenerate (Avenger). As well as those which use none.

A fantastic point really, should have been one of the first listed and it will be. I’ll make sure to add you in to the credits as well.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #56

They might be, its 7 or 8. I wasn’t 100% sure either so I picked even.

(How much time do we have?) #57

A whole new point.
Memorise what gun is bound to each key on your D-Pad/hotkeys as it can be quicker
than spamming through your guns until you hit what you want to use.

Definitely this (unless you D-Pad is as useless as mine, in which case it’s “that D**n-Pad” * curses while dying *)

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I’ve avoided kill skill additions on the list so far.

I feel like with Krieg, it’s a bit easy to pick out the necessary kill skills, but I don’t know how to make a “sweeping comment” on them which is applicable to EVERYONE.

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #59

Okay. Made a few new additions after playing a bit last night.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #60

Fair enough, it is certainly different from class to class. Maya and Axton have a lot of good ones to the point where they can tank with a Bee or just be a God with the Blockage.