100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #61

I added one on the last update as more of a “sweeping statement” on Kill Skill values.


(Where's lucky?) #62

If you’re about to ho into ffyl don’t run away but run into the damage. The closer you are to your enemies the better while in ffyl.


(Super Badass Constructor ) #63

Oh FFYL styff. E-Tech Rocket launchers are quite nice for second winds, as they can hit guys hiding behind cover. cough marauder


([In Memories Delusional]) #64

Vladof E-tech launchers are the tits! And one of my recommended FFYL tools.


(LootHunter) #65

Brings back nightmare’s of my PS3 controller… and many a swear jar full to the brim :smile:


Am I playing wrong?
(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #66

FFYL tips in UVHM are critical.

In OP8, they should be taped on to your PC/Console.


(Cast Iron Chef) #67

Rocket launchers are your best friend in FFYL, just don’t shoot an enemy that’s too close to you or you may go back into FFYL.


(Super Badass Constructor ) #68

Zer0 + Tw0 Fang + Tunguska = 90% chance to Second Wind and go back into FFYL in a split second! Talking from experience lmao.


(Cast Iron Chef) #69

Krieg’s the same way with the Nukem and Badaboom. And the Carnage…especially the Carnage…


(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #70

Referring to the gun, or just generally commenting on Krieg’s aftermath?


(Cast Iron Chef) #71

The shotgun. Shoot that at an enemy too close to you and you can say goodnight Gracie.


(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #72

I figured bro. I was just reveling in the poetry of Krieg using that shot gun.

I guess what I was trying to do was;

Creating a crude catchphrase concerning the concentration of casual cacophonies coming cleverly from the cakehole of our cuckoo Krieg when calibrating a Carnage at combatants.

Ouch. My foot is on fire.

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(Cast Iron Chef) #73

That sentence had too many syllables! Appologise!


(Matrixneo42) #74

Use your action skill any way you can to get every possible advantage in every situation. For example. Are you going to rescue someone? Consider using your action skill to distract the enemies while you res your friend. Running through an area? Use your action skill to distract the enemies. Make them want to shoot one way while you go another.

I randomly found a legendary turtoise/hare shield in my latest zero playthrough. I toggle between it and a normal shield. When I’m moving a lot, normal shield. When I’m going to be sniping or melee’ng a bunch of dudes, I equip the turtoise shield. I don’t care about the movement speed penalty of it when I’m moving very little or when I can use the melee dashing skill/execute.


(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #75

Could; “Your action skill isn’t just for use against enemies. It is a plausible method of getting to a fallen ally, or getting yourself out of trouble.”

Be a good paraphrasing in tip point?

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(Mc Money) #76

Explosive damage is reliable and great for fighting groups or getting second winds.

Use singularity grenades or phaselock to group enemies and control the battlefield.

Class mods with good skill boosts can make a huge difference.

Understand the gimmicks of unique items and how to utilize them.

Farm for gear, not levels.

If your character excels with a certain weapon type, such as Axton with ARs, try to use those weapons.

Good adaptive shields can highly increase survivability by reducing DoT damage and increasing health.

Don’t be afraid to escape battle to let your action skill recharge.

That’s all I got


(Matrixneo42) #77

Using your action skill to rescue someone is just one way to maximize use of your action skill. Sending your deception hologram towards a barrel when a melee guy is rushing you. Using axton’s turrets to shield yourself just along enough to get back some health or shields. Phaselocking the only enemy left. Phaselocking one of two guys left and fighting the unphaselocked guy while the other can’t fight. Phaselocking the guy who hits harder.

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Uvhm is harder than i thought
(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #78

Thanks for the clarification mate.


(Zamb92) #79

Sprint away, jump, turn around midair and shoot, turn back around before you land and keep sprinting, repeat.
Hey presto, you’re backpedalling at sprint speed!

It’s been mentioned, but element matching! The multipliers are even bigger in uvhm (x1.75, and x2 for shock-on-shields). Just because you have a good skill or relic for a certain element, doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t switch to the matching element.

And of course moxxi guns. There’s quite a large choice of them.

Singularity grenades are awesome. Got a red dot on the minimap but you can’t see the guy? Getting shot at by hiding bandits? Throw one out, it interrupts them and gives you easy targets. Great for b0re, ruin and bloodsplosion too.

On PC, Q for slot 1 (“secondary use” is basically redundant), mwheelup for slot 2, mwheeldown for slot 3, and you can keep the 4 key for slot 4. Have a launcher in there for second winds. No more switching to the wrong weapon!

Going into ffyl too often reduces the timer. Take a 2 minute break if you want to avoid this.

Picking up weapons also adds ammo of that type! This actually provides more rocket and grenade ammo than regular ammo boxes. Sell those items and save even more money!


(Carlton Slayer) #80

Don’t toss Magic Missiles at enemy that are charging you- I often wind up slagging myself or going directly into FFL- and don’t fire a RL at an enemy near you either- the shot might kill them, and then send you right back into FFL as well…