100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

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With all due respect, I just recently respeced Maya for her Digistruct Peak run and put 1 point into Thoughtlock (a skill that I’d never tried before and was somewhat leery of). It did work on digistructed enemy (not frequently, as there is only the 1 point in it) but still, it worked. I may go into a more thorough Thoughtlock build in the future but just from my limited experience with it, it will work on Digistruct Peak…

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It certainly does have its points where it’s useful, of that there is no doubt! I used it a bit when I was leveling up, and using it on enemies like the Black Queen or those Heavy Nomads was extremely beneficial. In the long run, however, I think it was more irritating when I used it on enemies like the surveyors or the slag skags who I would have just rather put in one place than had them continue to buzzing around.

In the end, I think the trade off was worth it, but you can still be successful with a Thoughtlock build on DP if you know what you’re doing.

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I’m slightly confused.

Can’t you only put one point in to Thoughtlock? Or are you trying to say that the rest of your build in no way affected your Thoughtlock? If so, sorry to say, but that is a bit misleading mate.

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My apologizes- I’m confusing Sub-Sequence with Thoughtlock (which should teach me to try to remember something based on my awful memory instead of just looking it up). Sorry about that… :confounded:

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Ohhh. No problem at all mate.

Trust me 100% when I say we have an entire thread dedicated to the amount of times people have messed things up in this game. In this here forum we celebrate out expletive ups. :smiley:

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Hey hey I am still around and lurking!!

Whats the question ya got for me?

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Tips for how to keep Zer0 alive in UVHM.

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Dont get shot.

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I’ll second Singularity grenades, especially a Lobbed Slag one with 0.0 fuse time. Makes for a good panic button, and is kinda hilarious when Axton follows it with a Nuke; or you can use it with an E-tech launcher (when equipped with a Sham), although I would personally use a Tediore Launcher (E-tech) or Vladof Topneaa.

In general, I’d also recommend the Tediore Deliverance and the Quasar.

  1. The Deliverance is good for all characters, and is definitely helpful in FFYL; optimally, I recommend it in elemental flavors so you’re doing more than just the initial hit(s).
  2. The Quasar, a combination of both a Tesla and a Singularity that comes only in shock, does crowd control fairly well, and can be followed with an E-tech launcher for crazy devastation; IMO, the Homing prefix is best for speed and safety reasons.

@Carlton_Slayer: Definitely on the Magic Missile. Nothing’s less appreciated than an AoE you sent out getting RTS’d times [insert child grenade multiplier].

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Element weapons which fire 2 elements are very handy. But beware of which one you choose. (I am talking about the Florentine and the Chulainn here.) The Chulainn has better accuracy and is easier to get, but it looks worse and slags you.

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Thanks @VaultHunter101 for the recommendation!

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Updated, up to 81 at the moment. Lets see if we can hit the full century (and then begin whittling some away for better options).

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[quote=“Giuvito, post:1, topic:77751”]
Match elements to your enemy. Sure DoTs don’t do as much damage, but they do help. Fire for flesh, shock for shields, and corrosive for armor.[/quote]Slight correction: Match elements to your enemy’s weakness.</font color>
Matching elements to an elemental enemy will end up healing them. In the case of slag, you should always carry an elemental weapon in case you run into enemies whose names are prefixed with Slagged – in this way, you don’t end up healing them instead.

@totocar2001: A little late, but addendum to your post. Chulainn and Florentine both fire shock+slag, but difference between the two [respectively] is ammo consumption (1 ApS // 2 ApS), and self-slagging (yes // no).

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Pause your game and look at the screen- you may not notice in the heat of combat that the weapon you’re using is being resisted by your enemies (think Assassin Oney). Even in UVHM a non-elemental weapon may come in handy.

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Fair enough Raven, always best to lay it out. I figured most would knew what I meant, because if they didn’t by UVHM, sweet lord in heaven, how did they make it that far?

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Shooting a fire resistant enemy with fire does not heal them.

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Yeah, where did you get this idea from, Raven? The only enemy that gets healed by a certain element is when you shoot a Tankenstein with shock, but that’s only in the Zombie DLC in BL1…