100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

I think they were referring to how using the same element an enemy is resistant to will not do a whole lot of damage and the innate healing of UVHM will likely heal any damage you do to them. Still, I’m with Giu, in that if you don’t know to match elements by UVHM something’s wrong.,

@Carlton_Slayer @Giuvito +that.

@Derch @ACNAero @Gulfwulf Elemental resistance [=armor vs. fire] is one thing, elemental enemies absorbing the damage is another.
On that, I stand corrected. I was pretty sure that elemental absorption was the case, especially the previous one with the Gallant-sized Slagged Spiderant</font color> I hit with a slag Norfleet. Tested a Blockhead (sans "Interspersed Outburst) on a Lv79 Blazing Spiderant</font color>, which looks to be just ~insane~ health regeneration.


Bro, we know this one. Hellborn Kriegers, go Hellfire + Slag + Storm Front (or a Tesla). If you PC doesn’t crash while doing this, you’re doing it wrong. Turned into Hellborn evangelizer xD
Almost unbeatable K. Excepting with incendiary enemies due obvious reasons xD

PC Crashing on Krieg the sheer awesomeness of Krieg imploding the very universe around him, creating a paradigm of blood, fire and pain with equal parts joy, ecstasy and elation that creates such a paradox that it disintegrates the very fabric of the universe around him, creating a state of null and ultimately resetting everything. This is currently being studied by Pandora’s greatest scientist.

Or we should rethink our set ups.

I’m almost certain it is the former.


Phaselock will freeze Surveyors and Rakk in midair; however, when Phaselock times out, Surveyors will start moving again. On the other hand, Rakk will fall from the sky, where they will be totally defenseless for quite some time.

Note regarding friendly vehicles, they are highly susceptible to player-dealt inadvertent damage:

  • backblasts from (Maliwan/Tediore/Vladof) E-tech rocket launchers
  • splash damage from rocket launchers and Torgue-barrel ARs
  • grenades
  • Splatgun and SB AoEs
  • Nova Shields
  • Nuke (when turret is dropped from outside the vehicle)

Tip for vehicles in co-op (JIC):

  • if you wish to keep it, keep it back from Shamfleeters-on-foot.
  • unless you wanna walk, aim (or arc) your Torgue-barrel AR.
  • be careful where you throw your Tediore reloads.

I’m actually surprised we have had so few vehicle tips.

[quote=“Giuvito, post:108, topic:77751, full:true”]I’m actually surprised we have had so few vehicle tips.[/quote]This actually came about because I was power-leveling somebody, Shamfleeting the crap outta things…and he drove near me while I was getting parts in “No Vacancy”. Took out low-flying Rakk, Skags, Bandits…and his Technical. As he was sub-50 in an OP8 session, I’m pretty sure that was his best friend; too bad he had to hike up the road for a new one.
Also, I stumbled onto something that may (or may) have been known about the vehicles: Interesting things about “Borderlands 2”

Carrying one-or-more team mods is advisable, allowing you to provide passive support in the event that you are sidelined, whether it is enemies too strong for you (but not another player) to deal with. or respawning outside of a raid boss’s area and finding the gate locked.

Enemies can only be under one Phaselock at a time, so tag-lock difficult ones in multi-Siren sessions, applying yours (if you’re playing a Siren) the instant someone else’s Phaselock expires and staggering the cooldown/duration so that no one Siren is left without Phaselock for long – or at all.

If you have a Longbow Singularity/Quasar and an E-tech rocket launcher, jump back while throwing it, then follow it up with a rocket. This is advisable for launchers with spread, like normal Bandit launchers, the Badaboom – and especially the Norfleet.

Alright, here’s one for ya!

Vehicles can be used in places where you might not think they can get into. Such as Old Cranky’s pond in the Highlands and the Buzzard achademy in the Dust. You can drive all the way to the volleyball net and beyond if you want.

The vehicle can soak up a lot of the initial damage while you hammer your enemies with the catapult. Running your enemies over, will buy you some time while they get back up. It takes a long time for many of the really dangerous enemies, such as Rabids or Badass Nomads and Lunatics, to get back up. Giving you plenty of time to get out of your car and deliver the final blow.

Should you also have the Bee equipped, it will deal amp damage to your vehicles gun.

[quote=“Ronnie_Rayburn, post:112, topic:77751”]Should you also have the Bee equipped, it will deal amp damage to your vehicles gun.[/quote]Slight typo there – that’s dealing adding amp damage.
Covered that, as well as a few other things about your vehicle (inc. intentional destroying it), here: Interesting things about “Borderlands 2”

Alternative use for “Blight Phoenix” – early warning for enemies that are attempting to melee you. You may not see them coming, but if they approach while it is active, you will see the DoT numbers.

[quote=“Raven_Ghosthawk, post:113, topic:77751”]
Slight typo there – that’s dealing adding amp damage.
[/quote] Glad you clarified that! I’m sure no one understood what i meant. Thanks!

None of these are helping me against that stupid gluttonous thresher. :frowning:

Perhaps I can give specific advice. What is your character, build, and gear?


We’ve officially hit the 100 tips mark for this page.

This doesn’t mean the work is done though. Over time, tips we find to have less importance than others will be set aside in order to accommodate for alternatives.

Feel free to input additional info, but remember; character specific advice has it’s own thread.

Also, a special video added.

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Thanks for doing these, Giu. You’re an alright guy no matter what you say about Fox News. :dukecheese:


Murdoch is the poor man’s Handsome Jack. image

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[quote=“madarauchia1, post:115, topic:77751, full:true”]
None of these are helping me against that stupid gluttonous thresher.
[/quote]A 636 Axton build, so named for the tierings (downward) from left-to-right, makes most bosses easy with good placement. What you want is:

  • Longbow Turret + Mag-Lock + Gemini
  • Scorched Earth + Double Up

For lesser enemies, equip a Longbow Singularity – or better yet, a Longbow Quasar. Another thing to consider is that your turret seems to have better distance-to-target (D2T) processing than the Goliath AI, and place your turrets carefully so that they focus fire on the Thresher more than the Loaders, but not so close together that they can be hit simultaneously with one attack. My suggestion, place them on the far side by the mountain wall opposite of where you enter the area.

Outside of this fight, it’s a very versatile strategy, working extremely well with either a Longbow Quasar or Homing Storm Front, depending on the circumstance:

  • Flynt goes down without too much trouble to just turrets and a Quasar-- all it takes is parking yourself on the ramp by the VM (=out of sight), Longbowing your turrets onto the opposite wall, throwing Quasars to drag him toward them, and hitting the VM when your grenades run low.
  • Taking cover in the tunnel and placing your turrets high on the wall means that Woundspike stands almost no chance against your turrets, a Homing Storm Front, and a Maliwan Storm.
  • Place your turrets on the underside of the bridge and hit Saturn in the face(?) while you strike from cover over by the shops. A Quasar is good for this fight – not for dealing with him/it, but the Loaders that crawl out of the junkyard while you’re busy dealing with the big guy…thingy.

@Giuvito There’s also destroying your own vehicle to trip your kill skills…

I always like these kind of ideas.

Clever little situations where you can use a bit of strategy to give yourself the advantage. I’m considering whether to bump one of the 100 for it, but it does seem to rely on a few factors, and is very dependent on situation.

Good suggestion none the less.

I stumbled onto it by accident, taking awhile to notice my KS icons were popping up. Without Krieg, the duration is pretty short… IIRC, something like 7 seconds?
When things get tight, turn right around and blow up the vehicle I rode in on – makes Onslaught and Unstoppable Force bloody wonderful. Unfortunate-ish that it doesn’t apply to the team, and I haven’t tested it yet to see if Gaige nets any Anarchy stacks off of it.

All kill skills are 7 seconds, but Krieg’s Reaper COMs extend them for the team.

Uhh I think number 101 should be ‘Groooge Nuuzzle- the Grog Nozzle, only I said it fun’