100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

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1: Going for headshots isn’t always the best option. Of rouunds are flying around instead of into their skull, go center of mass.
2: Ammo Efficency is key, especially when starting out. Just because that spinigun does DPS doesn’t mean it can keep doing so when you run it’s mag dry.

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@Giuvito: If I haven’t mentioned it (yet), ground-bound enemies are completely helpless while airborne. To send them airborne takes as little as one Longbow Singularity (or Quasar) thrown at the ceiling, which will drag any nearby (movable) enemies into the air with them. The effect can be prolonged with multiple grenades, and furthered by Phaselock: Convergece.

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52 and 54 are basically the same thing with a different wording
50 and 88 too.

I have a suggestion to add

High accuracy on a gun is not always preferable. a spread often makes it easier to hit fast and/or small enemies. Shotguns and other multiple-pellet guns excel at this.

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Get a norfleet hands down best weapon I’ve used.

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Cheers on the suggestion, but we’ve avoided weapon specific posts so far.

The purpose of this guide is more so survival tools to progress in UVHM and get to that position where they can actively hunt for and acquire something as rightfully awesome as the Fleet.

But don’t be discouraged. Give us some of your tips on how you managed to stay afloat!

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I have a tip that has helped me quite a bit. If you are in UVHM and you have severely underlevelled gear, play the Moxxi slot machines in Sanctuary. The gear from those machines should always be on-level and it is certainly much safer than entering a hostile area with underlevelled weapons.

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To that I would add the Marcus Mercenary Day Headhunter pack- the loot train should always be on level and will have tons of gear to help out any class…

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NorTHfleet :stuck_out_tongue:

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and if you have the money it seems that the vending machines are right at or near the fast travel station in most HH packs

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@Eel37 Besides hitting the gold chest, there is that. Pros to the gold chest is that the result will be at the level of the character that opened it, and will always be blue/purple-rarity normals or E-tech weapons (except rocket launchers); only real cons are that it’ll be ANYTHING under Pandora’s sun, and cannot spit out E-tech rocket launchers. Also, it eats keys.

The only real pros to the slot machines (IMO) are that the weapons will be at the host’s level, with the chance to spit out legendaries, cash, or E-bars. Only cons are:

  • weapon types are completely random.
  • weapon rarities are almost as random.
  • can spit out regular grenades (Sanctuary) or Bonus Package (Badass Crater Bar).
  • can spit out skins when you least need them, although you can turn around and sell them for cash to go again.

@xmngr Just saying for the record, but an Absorb shield in tandem with an E-tech rocket launcher has been generalized as Shamfleeting, courtesy of the original best. For this purpose, every possible manufacturer (with the exception of Bandit) makes a good regular ETRL:

  • Maliwan PBFG
  • Tediore Launcher
  • Vladof Topneaa

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I don’t think I saw this on the list but I think a good tip is
Try not to relie on farmed legendarys and uniques until you get to your level cap. It will make you a better player overall.

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Why is there no tip about avoiding barrels. they kill me more than any enemy

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always remember, take off your pants prior start playing

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That assumes you put them on in the first place…

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@Piemanlee: +barrel avoidance.

For reviving someone in FFYL: Fight For Your Life mysteries

For the biggest benefit, revival should optimally be done from next to as much cover as possible, giving the rescuer better survivability during revival while allowing the revivee to attempt to 2W themselves – or at least whittle down their aggressor(s) prior to The Comeback</font color> or The End</font color>.

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One thing to add, “Restore over time” items are worth their weight in Seraph Crystals! Hoarder mod for Gunzerker, Survivor Mod for Assassin, Blood Of Terra, and Evolution Shield. Equip and hide IS a great tactic.

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Don’t know if it’s much of a tip, but I’d suggest to keep an eye out for maliwan snider with maliwan barrel. Depending on grip the thing have 69.9-79.1% slagging chance. Or if you have better advice for a good slagging tool let me know. p.s. the thing is pretty rare to find, so I guess not very good advice.