100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

Snider always has a Maliwan barrel. The manufacturer / barrel combination is actually what decided a guns name. If you want to upgrade a bit more from that go get a slag Pimpernel from Scarlet’s. It has the highest slagging chance because of all the child pellets. A snider is very, very good sniper in general though and also functions well as a slagging too as you also get the splash damage hit after the initial hit practically giving you 2 shots to slag in one shot.

Maliwan snipers with a Dahl barrel are named Snider too… they are still good slagging tools because they are Maliwan snipers, but only Maliwan parts affect the elemental effect chance.

So it seems, sorry. Funnily enough I know sniper parts by looking at them and I’ve never noticed that Dahl and Maliwan barrels share the same names across snipers. Go me, lol.

Still, for the question about a better slagging tool the Pimpernel is the most efficient single shot one and a sniper too.

The best advice you get on how to be good at any game is to just play it a lot. Try to figure out its mechanics in a way you can understand. Doesn’t really matter if someone else knows every gun stat in the game if you can’t understand what they’re saying. I’m not saying that it’s bad to get advice though.

In short, actual experience (=NOT the same as XP!).

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If your running fotfh and stormfronting your self with a long recharge delay already on the shield along with feed the meat you’ll have so many novas most everything will die I run a build doing something like this there’s some micromanaging and lots of color, but if you can keep track, very effective.

101 If you’re Krieg, ignore all common sense rules stated above for best results :stuck_out_tongue:

For OP8
Norfleet 91974771 x3 3 ammo for 1 shot
27,592,413 per shot
55,184,826 5 ammo all together

Badaboom 2961997 x6 1 ammo for 1 shot
17,771,982 damage per shot
177,719,820 10 ammo all together

So which one is better now??? Also those stats are for a character who has nothing equipped. So if Axton used the Badaboom would be superior to the norfleet if u do the math.

Not a fair comparison. Badaboom puts out more damage because it’s firing off 8 more shots in your comparison. Even using the ammo number, it’s using twice as much ammo in your example, so not a balanced or even relevant argument.

Now, compare like for like, so Norfleet vs. Topneaa, for example, and you’d have some kind of sense.

Well people say that the norfleet is the strongest gun in the game and when your on op 8 your gonna want the extra firepower

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i’ve got a bone to pick with this, i think hip-firing is the worst of both worlds. between sprinting for a better position and aiming down sights to dial in on accuracy, hipfiring gives you this half ass desperate attempt to score a hit while you move to a better position. i think it’s bad advice to say hipfiring is anything other than a last resort in most cases. knowing when to resort to hipfiring is a better point.

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The limitations of ADS can be mitigated through use of proper positioning, using singularity grenades, “quickscoping” and jump shots. However being able to hit that random skag or psycho that runs up on you while your sniping targets can be very helpful.

Hip firing shouldn’t be your main way to mob unless you are sal, but it’s an important thing to learn how to do properly.


I always finding a way to force then im a tunnel situation works wonders for surviving

agreed …unless you are a quick shot with a scope then if you remain dead accurate each time scoping is ok but not recommended