100 Ways to Survive Solo PvP

When you say mini-map, you mean an expansive lay out of the entire level? Similar to the ones you can bring up by using the return button (down on the D-pad for PS4) when in PVE?

If you do mean that one, and not just the map on the upper right corner, how do you access it? I feel like I’ve tried every possible button.

I was talking about incursion.

Melee minions doesn’t mean anything in the other game modes.

You can change mini-map display settings in the settings menu. Gameplay I think.

Quick melee deserves a mention.

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  • if a minion plants to hit your sentry quick melee it to prevent it from latching on then kill it.
  • shock turrets are your best friend
  • most importantly do Not pick pendles, this character is inept especially while searching solo (also for any new players pendles will give you All the wrong instincts for this game.)
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What the… There’s a radar? I just take a quick glance at the map and that’s all I need.

Here you can switch between the mini-map and radar.

This is how it looks when you select radar:

And here how it looks like when you have mini-map:

There is not much of a difference on capture Outback, but on Incursion maps it’s much harder to see each minion and Battleborn, because they overlap each other on the choke points. + I like that the Radar rotates and I always see what’s in front of me and what’s behind, while you have the mini-map on - you have to analyze your direction too (but I guess having some experience with that type of mini-map it’s not a big deal). It’s just a matter of preference and some people don’t even know about it ^^


Really good description. Thanks!

Elite minions are far more powerful in early game. Bring a 0 cost shard and wrench, then grabbing all of your side’s shards to dump into a bot is an excellent early game play. Buying it at right about the end of the first minute means it’ll hit lane at 28:00, and help give you lane control for the first crystal spawn.

If your first sentry goes down, it automatically destroys all of your buildables in the area. Don’t waste shards buying them if you’re certain the sentry’s about to drop.

Late game, it’s often more efficient to buy the first level of a turret and save shards for another once your enemy destroys it. Any concentrated attention can destroy your turrets, and you don’t need the experience as much anymore - denying your opponents the chance to use them is more valuable, and you can rebuy them much easier if you aren’t dropping an additional 700 shards a pop.

It’s worth remembering which characters can easily take double thrall. ISIC, Montana, Deande, Galilea, Marquis, Thorn, Attikus, and Toby (w/ double stun) can all take the thralls with a minimum of discomfort and time. For everyone else, it’s often not worth the danger and time investment to capture that point. By the same token, the more of those characters you see on the other team, the less effective your double thrall push will be because the enemy team will shred them more easily. If the enemy team is full of AoE characters, I.E. Ernest / KU / Benedict, then they’ll have a great deal of trouble stopping it in time.

Characters that have poor waveclear should remember that a purchased elite bot can clear a wave solo easily for the cost of 600 shards, a valuable thing to remember on Meltdown.

Gear that relies on other people is unreliable in solo queue. This means Healing recieved, Shield Pen, and CC reduction, because that depends on team loadouts you don’t have any say in at all.

If you’re solo queueing as support, play like a coward. You’re squishy and have no guarantee your teammates will try to save you if a Pheobe or Galilea attempts to murder you. Be cautious.


Lots of great knowledge. All added in. Thanks!

Order of importance of things on this list to remember: Number 36, This one, and then the rest. :wink:


When playing Incursion, be aware of enemy ‘siege’ characters that can deal high ranged damage, and thus effectively backdoor a sentry - Montana, Ernest, Marquis, Oscar Mike, Benedict, ISIC, and Kleese. The last three are of special note because they have enhanced mobility and can get to backdoors in Overgrowth and Monuments that other characters can’t access. If you hit a deadlock, keep an eye on these three, because given enough time any of them can down your sentries alone.

In Faceoff, if the enemy team camps the deposit point, ignore them and farm Varelsi for experience and masks. This is particularly potent for carry characters (Phoebe, Attikus, Galilea, Kelvin) who get much more vicious as they level up, quite possibly to the point of being able to solo the entire enemy team. The Varelsi provide incredible amounts of experience, and soloing a Piercer point will reliably give you a level up thanks to the scaling experience reward.

On a similar note, sustain (the ability to keep your health high) is king in Faceoff, since teleporting back makes you drop your masks. If you do have to port back, find a hidden corner to drop your masks in, or else do it as close to your base as possible - alternatively, do it beside a teammate, and they’ll automatically pick them up for you.

Keep in mind which gear attributes don’t matter to your characters. For example, melee characters don’t have to care about reload or recoil, and Eldrid don’t care about shields. Cutting corners like this can let you shave 300-400 shards off each gear piece you take, significantly decreasing how much time you spend running after shards.

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This should be pinned, great guide for newbies
@BaconianOne great idea.
You should probably add how to teleport in no. 3. The game doesn’t tell you how to actually start the teleporting animation to my knowledge.
I’m saving a link to this. Think I’ll send it to any new blood I see via messages. This is a great step towards keeping new people interested.

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Can you add something to tip 50 that I believe is correct and didn’t learn until later on?

Miko can not only heal while sprinting, but additionally, miko can cast biosynthesis while having the healing beam still attached to the character she is healing. In other words, you don’t have to interrupt the healing beam to cast biosynthesis. You can keep holding the heal button while biosynthesis is casting.

Biosynthesis even has a cool alternative casting animation it does when you cast it while the healing beam is in mid-heal!

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something that helps me survive solo pvp also is that i don’t rush into choosing my character at the character select screen.

I wait for others to pick first and then around 20 seconds or so (not at the last second!), after the initial greed picks are out of the way - i select a character role that is still needed in the comp.

This might or might not be a big deal once drafting gets implemented.

EDIT - i now see this is kind of addressed in point seven. Try not to rush the selection is my potentially unique addition to point 7. See how the team comp fleshes out before you actually make your choice.

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Please add
Legendary gear does not automatically mean it’s the best possible gear to take into battle with you. White, green, blue, and purple gear are all extremely viable, you just have to figure out how.
Don’t take three legendary gear pieces into battle with you. It will hinder you and your team. Your team, because you are going to be putting all of your shards into your gear build. Usually you end up taking all the shards available to your team for yourself. Your denying your team the chance to unlock their own gear, and for your team to effectively build defences and bots. This will make it harder to push the enemy team at all.
Make sure gear choices make sense for your chosen character. Don’t take reload speed gear on a character that doesn’t reload, anything with -heal power on a healer (I’ve seen it before,) skill damage on a character that doesn’t rely on skills for damage.
Never take a characters legendary gear piece on anyone but that specific character. It has no benefit over a purple gear piece of the same type. For example, I have seen a Miko run Alani legendary.

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Bring cheaper gear to Capture and Face off. A white shard generator, movement speed/sprint speed, and health regen gear is a great general loadout for nearly any character on Capture and Face Off.

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You can shoot down Benny’s rockets.

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Does anyone know how to initiate the teleport on Xbox/PC? (Hold down on the D-pad for Ps4)

Down d-pad xbox (Played at friends house.) Not sure PC. @BaconianOne

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