1000 Vip point weekend not registering when playing Borderlands

I’m sorry I’m new here, I don’t know if this is the correct area to post this. So this weekend you get 1000 points a day for playing borderlands. Is it only the downloaded version from PSN or do you get it if you have TGOTY disk version also? I played yesterday and the points still haven’t shown in my Vip shift account. Any help is appreciated.

I believe points will be posted by August 21st. Was mentioned on Reddit many times with some references to the original announcement.

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It is indeed explicitly stated in the official event announcement on Borderlands.com

As a general to FYI to anyone browsing this thread: if you have questions about promotional events in the run up to launch, I would recommend checking the above site for details first.


Thank you and sorry, I’ll do my homework next time.

Not a problem - enjoy the weekend!

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Will the 1000 points work for people playing on XB 360?

Sadly not. The way the rewards are tracked requires SHIFT authentication when the game launches, and that is only available in the remaster for XB1/PS4/PC.


So I played Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have an active shift account and I have yet to see any points? Very disappointing.

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VIP points are in.

time zone sucks, I played it for 3 days and only got credited for 2,000 points.


Same here. just checked and I have 2 +1000 points from playing the GOTY. I’m hoping it’s lagging for the 3rd day since it’s stated that the points will show on the 21st. So, tomorrow I’ll check to see if another +1000 points arrive.

Same. Im hoping I get the credit. I did nab those last pesky general knoxx achievements I was putting off though, so not a total loss.

I received the 1000 points for 17th and 18th but not for Friday 16th or the bonus for playing all 3 days. I played at like 7 pm est on 16th so should not be affected by time zone.

I got the 1000 point bonus for playing all three days that posted on 8/19/19. I am still waiting for the points for each day.

I didn’t get any points either I played Friday Saturday and Sunday sucks !!!

This appears to be an issue for a lot of people based upon what I am reading on the forums.

I did not receive credit for playing on any of the three days or the bonus credit, and I did play all three days. I contacted support and they told me I should have received credit by yesterday, 8/21. I emailed support again today and am awaiting a response. I will try to remember to update this thread when I receive a response.

To those also affected by this issue, I would suggest you use the link to email support, as they do at least appear to be responding to messages about this.

Same. Sunday Aug 25th. Played all 3 days. No points at all.

Did you played in Remstered version or original?

I played at least 2 days on Steam during the period, both GOTY version and Remastered, got no VIP points whatsoever. Maybe we’re not so “important” after all. ¯_(ツ)_/¯