101.5 MB Update on Steam for Pre-Sequel?

EDIT: I guess these were Steam file updates?

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Given that the last announced PC game update was October 2015, I would think so.


Steam has been having issues here lately saying games have updates that don’t. Just “update” it and the notification should go away.

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Or not … you may want to double-check the Steam updates by the name of the games to which they apply or if they’re just for the Steam client.

Those for any of the BL series games (e.g. TPS), you may wish to deny the updates if you bought the games years ago closer to their release dates and you’ve happily completed or are near completion of the games. The April 2019 updates are mainly for the recent release versions (e.g. VR, HD, Handsome Collection, et al), are thoroughly unnecessary for the original versions and have been breaking them in many friends’ games so I’ve happily avoided them and recommend others may wish to do so as well.

Of course, I needn’t remind you they’ll be installed on your system if you’ve got “auto-updates enabled” so you may want to disable that feature until you know about and approve of what you’re getting from Steam. Happy gaming :upside_down_face: