101™ (Fun) Mayhem Modifiers: Brainstorming modifier Ideas that most people can get behind

The current Mayhem Modifiers we have generally fall into the philosophy of increasing difficulty at the expense of fun and enjoyment. Given this game’s history with difficulty seesawing from patch to patch, it may be more worthwhile to switch from the concept of “Mayhem Modifiers increase Difficulty” to “Mayhem Modifiers increase Fun”. Modifiers as a concept seem to exist to spice things up through unpredictability, but have largely failed in execution thus far. So let’s think up some modifiers together as a community that would be worth enjoying instead of tolerating.

What we’re defining as a good Mayhem Modifier should;

With that out of the way, here are a few modifiers that try to embrace those ideals to get this ball rolling;


No . No to modifiers . Nada, nope , nosiree, just no .


I dislike the past or current modifiers as anyone else, but Gearbox seems dead-set on having them be a part of the endgame if the transition from Mayhem 1.0’s Mayhem 4 to Mayhem 2.0 is any indication. As long as that is the case, it doesn’t hurt to ponder up some modifiers we might be able to actually enjoy to some degree.

What if they were optional? How would you implement that?
Or would you like to just revert to OP levels?

To respond to the OP:
I think a lot of those sound great compared to what we have.
The few “beneficial” ones are largely build to build preference’s.
Something like I dunno?
Hot potato: gives you the ability also to knock back grenades with melee? Or slides/slams? Similar to go psychos do to players lol mistime it though and it immediately detonates?

Or Spotlight: one enemy is highlighted kill them first for a lootsplosion, if not the first enemy killed spawns death, (replaces post mortem)??
There’s a tonne of wacky ways that would enhance game play instead of punish it

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I don’t understand why everybody hates the Mayhem modifiers aside from the performances issues.

I personally think it’s a great way to add an extra layer of difficulty without simply tweaking numbers. Unfortunately, with the current system we have both absurdly high enemy HP as well as the added layers.

I would agree that limiting a particular damage type is not a great idea in this game but stuff like the floor is lava and the one that randomly spawns death definitely keeps things interesting.


Yeah I agree they don’t bother me too much (minus infinite rerolls is pointless just give us a drop menu selection if there’s no downside to randomizing)
But some of the mods are blinding or so punishing almost no one uses them (pain tolerance, dazed and infused)
I’ve honestly Been having more fun since 2.0 but I can understand people’s frustration

This is just my own take on it, but if I am to go trough the issues with each problematic modifier;
Big Kick Energy - You sacrifice a ton of accuracy and recoil control for a relatively small amount of damage. Too much penalty for not enough reward.
Galaxy Brain - The increased head size can actually block critical hits on some enemies, such as Maliwan Heavies or Graveward.
Every Single Elemental Immunity Modifier - It can run directly counter to the basic combat knowledge of matching elements to an enemy’s weakness, such as removing the Corrosion weakness from Raid bosses. Otherwise it limits applicable combat options. The novas produced on death also directly discourage close-ranged methods of combat such as shotgun-focused builds or melee-focused builds, and lastly it can cause performance issues.
Floor is Lava - Directly hampers playstyles focused on using Sniper Rifles from range where standing still is encouraged for accuracy. Standing still for even an instant can often leave you with a lot less health than before, especially noticeable when trying to revive a teammate or charging a crystal in the Guardian Takedown.
Pain Tolerance - It makes already absurdly spongey enemies even more spongey. Discourages using weapons with lower damage and high fire rate.
Chain Gang, Pool Party, Freeze Tag - Performance issues, discourages close-range builds.
Buddy System - Slows down the pace of combat through forcing the player to deal with it first.
Not the Face - Blatant nerf to player damage. People have complained about this modifier and its predecessor since the game launched.
Holy Crit - Hampers Melee builds, as well as some others.


[You’re Pre-history!]
Large packs of vicious rampaging dinos and other wildlife will randomly spawn. They attack anything on sight. They’re Badass enemies with a better chance at dropping Oranges. Maybe have them drop some skins or Oranges exclusively to encourage us to get the modifier.

Engineer Tinks can attach armor and turrets to other enemies, turning them into mobile human artillery. If you manage to kill the bandit wearing the turret, but not destroy the turret, you can run up to it and reprogram it so it fights for you.

[Canon Fodder]
Enemy corpses can be used as Rocket Launcher Ammo. Rocket Launchers loaded with Corpse Ammo will fire multiple projectiles, and the projectiles look like severed body parts.

[The Unfriendly Skies]
Flocks of Rakk will regularly fly overhead dropping many grenades. The grenade effects are randomly generated, including effects from Orange grenades.

[I Would Die For You]
Killing an enemy causes enemies within 5 (?) meters to level up. Basically a modifier that lets any enemy gain the Goliath level up mechanic. In multiplayer, if a Vault Hunter is downed near you, you get a major stat boost while they’re in FFYL.

[Sizzle and Slide]
For as long as you’re electrocuted, if you Slide you will continue to Slide (you can change direction, as if you were running) until you jump or the electrocution wears off. Great for Slide builds obviously. Alternately, Ice/Freezing could cause this effect, instead of Shock.


I almost exclusively run not the face, on all vh but flak. It doesn’t seem to hamper that much ImE
Holy crit hampers flak most of all where it should be his best modifier
Elemental immunity was a terrible choice
Speed demon has killed me accidentally more than helped
Big kick I haven’t had to many issues with
Lootsplosion mehhh
Galaxy brain you said it
Healy avenger probably on of the best choices
Pool party etc. Agreed
Spinners almost always my other mod with Healy
Post mortem, rogue lite, sure play good no consequence but obnoxious when you forget
Buddy system, drone ranger, not the worst but can make areas or fights waaay more hectic then they need to be.
Floor is lava wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t last for a good 20-30 seconds after combats over


@Henchmen4Hire your first and third ideas I absolutely love and I almost think we should be friends lol xP


When they give us the ability to just pick and choose what modifiers to be active, this is what they’ll rename the button to randomize them again.


I definitely like the idea of adding modifiers for different playstyle. I always saw modifiers as a wasted potential; and I’m all for fixing it. But as many pointed out already, it must come with the patch to enable us to choose our own modifiers instead of rerolling mindlessly until we hit bulls-eye.


Leap in evolution:
Enemies can be radiators or receivers. Radiators give out radiation to friendlies and players.
Receivers with enough stacked radiation will receive mutations: walk speed, aim buff, rof, w/e. Mutations have grades. Mutations get higher grade versions by stacking more radiation. Some enemies can get higher grade mutations faster.

Player can get mutations for short amount of time too.

It would put more of a rogue-lite feeling to every run.


You’re right on point with Floor is Lava. First time I tried it I thought it wasn’t so bad, keep moving and you don’t die. The problem is it activates way too quickly and lasts too long after combat is over.

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I posted the idea on another thread as well, but I’d like some Necromancy based skills.

Forced Recruitment: Slain foes have a chance to resurrect (with their health not being scaled to Mayhem) and attack their former allies. They will expire after 15 seconds or if they are killed.

Mini-Me: Killing a Badass will cause them to resurrect as a tiny version of themselves with half of their original health.


The OP’s proposed modifiers are mostly Easy modifiers, with a couple that might be Medium modifiers. I would rather have more interesting Hard and Very Hard modifiers so that there’s more of a choice there (and less rerolling required).

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Zombie mode!

Well, the idea of this thread was to create modifiers that are “fun” instead of “difficult”. Gearbox has tried twice now to increase difficulty and replayability through modifiers, and while the existing modifiers do make it more difficult, they don’t add much in the way of actual entertainment outside of two or three exceptions.

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Rogue Vault Hunters like in Path of Exile lol. I seriously doubt the ability of GB to implement that correctly but one can dream.
More realistically Reinforcement modifier should be a thing.

Add more modifiers.

Add an additional button on M10 that enables EVERY modifier in the pool at the same time. Make it a big shiny red button with a sticky note on it saying “Oh Shi-”

Add Rainbow rarity weapons that only drop while the button is enabled. Set collection trays out to catch the tears of all the people that will cry and complain on the forum afterwards. Enjoy free drinks.