101™ (Fun) Mayhem Modifiers: Brainstorming modifier Ideas that most people can get behind

Russian Doll

Killing a big enemy spawns 2 smaller enemies, killing them spawns an even further 2 enemies each if there are smaller variants.

The idea is to add difficulty like the cartels but with a slightly different way and adds fun because more targets more fun.


I wouldn’t mind a modifier that locked out ADS - you can only shoot from the hip.

Or enemies all gain FFYL and can continue to shoot at you for <5 seconds or until another enemy revives them.

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Love the idea of “Pow!”, “Bang!” and “Boof!” appearing with melee damage.

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I want triple spawns and beefier bosses who actually feel like bosses.

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Golden Glove
Melee has a 25% chance to cause a critical hit and when this happens “Ka-boom”, “Pow” or “Boof” will appear.

Badass Baddasses of Baddassitude
Badasses, named enemies and bosses have double health, 25% more damage and triple the chance to drop legendaries and dedicated loot.


Those are good ones but some of them are obv very strong and need a negative. Cant just add a bunch of easy catagory modifiers. If they are dead set on some things just being negative we should give alternatives like hip fire only or damage is reduced by 50%or aim only.

Hot potato- if you shoot a enemy you have 8-12 seconds to melee or slam or you explode taking like idk let’s say 10k dmg.

Nova that hurts allies when you are melee.

Easy modifier- Slowly but surely, killing an enemy reduces movement speed by 25% but grants 15% critical hit damage. This effect can stack 3 times.

Medium modifier- Parting Gift, enemies have a chance to throw a grenade when killed with a critical hit.

Hard modifier- What Doesn’t Kill Them, damaging an enemy grants that enemy a 10% damage increase. This effect can stack 10 times.

Very Hard modifier- Necromaniacs, enemies have a small chance to return to life as a Zombie. Zombies are immune to all damage besides critical hits.


Sounds great, but maybe shooting them anywhere else slows them down?


Perhaps, they would be much stronger and faster than their living version. Annointed enemies and robots would not be able to rise again.

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Hard: Sniper-proof - Dealing critical damage to an enemy grants it damage resistance for 10 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times. Meleeing the enemy removes this effect.
Very Hard: Barrier-tech - Enemies have a chance to spawn floating shields which are immune to damage and orbit around the enemy (like the shields in the cartel event). Shields can only cover up to 50% of the enemy’s body and rotate fast enough that it won’t block your shots for more than half a second at a time.
Hard: Upskilled - Enemies can spawn with the “medic” or “mechanic” prefix. A medic will occasionally heal other nearby enemies (up to 25% of max health) once every 10 seconds, while a mechanic will restore their shields in the same way. Killing a medic or mechanic enemy will grant you a small buff.
Very Hard: Helmets off - Dealing critical damage to an enemy has a chance to induce goliath rage. The enemy pauses and yells/howls/roars, and then gains full health, armour and shields back, before becoming hostile and super-aggressive towards all nearby living things (allies and enemies). Killing anything or putting you into ffyl will level up the enemy, giving it a chunk of health back and increasing its damage and damage resistance. For each level it gains, it will generate an additional lootsplosion on it’s death. If you die (run out of time in ffyl and respawn), the enemy returns to normal.
(I miss the B2 system of goliaths, with them leveling up when they kill enemies, and gaining bonus xp from them, and dropping more loot. B3 goliaths don’t seem to do this.)
Hard: Cannibal corpse - Any enemy left near a dead enemy has a chance to “feed” on it, granting them an additional health bar (the bottom bar, regardless of colour, so a robot can gain 2 yellow bars and a guardian can gain 2 blue bars). This has a chance to respawn the dead enemy with 10% health and the ability to gain its health back by feeding on other dead enemies.
(So, like ratch enemies feeding on corpses to gain extra health, but any enemy. You might lock it to similar enemies, so flesh enemies can only feed on flesh, robots on robots and guardians on guardians. Or you can make it so the type of enemy fed on determines what the extra bar is, so a bandit feeding on a guardian will gain a shield, but a guardian feeding on a bandit will gain a red flesh layer.)
Hard: Advanced Lance-tech - Shielded enemies can spawn with spike or nova shields. Meleeing an enemy with a spike shield will cost you 20% health. Killing an enemy with a nova shield, while close, will cost you 20% health.

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Melee kills explode and deal overkill damage to any enemy caught in the blast.

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The issue isn’t that we are lacking the golden modifiers that players will like, the issue is random modifiers being mandatory at higher difficulty in the first place.
That being said, I like the ideas in the OP, but I’d still want to pick and choose them freely, instead of going through the hassle of rerolling, and I’d want the whole thing to be separate from the difficulty slider. Turning them on would be encouraged via extra rewards, of course.




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Taco Tuesday: All health packs are replaced by tacos. For a short time after eating a taco you leave radioactive clouds behind you. Enemies can eat tacos to heal and get the same effect. Radioactive clouds explode when exposed to fire.

Makin babies: Enemies spawn 1-3 proxy mines when killed. These are not normal proxy mines that just sit there. They’re like the ones found in chaos mods for quake and UT games that hop around and chase people while taunting their victims and giggling. They don’t really care who they make go boom.


Mayhem modes- I really think Gearbox could redesign it with models that they already have built in-- Anyways my two cents worth of ideas

Zerg Rush One of the most enjoyable things about Borderlands is that occasional feeling of being an absolute bada$$- So exploit that. Use Zerg rushes (large groups of lower level enemies that are easily defeated, but can overwhelm with sheer numbers and consume resources (Ammo) ) Make the player have to conserve ammo and use more tactics to deal with the sheer numbers and have enough left to fight the actual bad guys behind.

Bring the Rain Improve the AI- have it call for reinforcements (Like the cartel did) , try to flank the player, call in air support (Racks, jet pack troopers etc)

Fly Like an Eagle Low gravity areas would add a new dynamic, and allow SLAM to actually be useful

Storming the Castle Have more fortified areas, where cover becomes more important, make the player feel like they are assaulting an area not just running full tilt (NO FRIGGING MOVING ROCKS to jump on)

You Win or you Die Create alliances, example Maybe in no Mayhem when I assault the Maliwan base I am just Fighting Maliwan, but in Mayhem 2 or 3 now the COV have teamed up with Maliwan and now I have to change tactics to fight multiple enemies instead of them simply becoming bullet sponges (whose idea was that anyways, only one to profit would be that war profiteer Marcus…hmnnn Borderlands Conspiracy theory) This kind of change would change the tactics, have those bug things crawling out of the wall, COV screaming at you while Maliwan digs in, it would change the dynamics, with existing models. By Mayhem 6 you could be fighting the bugs, Maliwan, bots etc. Player would be more challenged and have to resort to cover, changing load-outs, conserving ammo etc.

Where is a dragon when you need it?, add auto turrets and defense systems to areas, one more already existing model that would lead to another challenge that does not need to be made from scratch (think Dahl turrets with repair drones,.

Constructor Revolution Bring back Constructors - In previous BL games these guys could be a real challenge with the right backup

RoboNinja’s The big baddy from TPS has found an abandoned Hyperion Facility and is cranking out Insecure Clingy Ninja Claptraps- Stealth capabilities, All of TPS’s ridiculous abilities for Claptrap etc. That’s right, you get another chance to shoot Claptrap in the face

Enter The Matrix Finally, Echocast recordings get interesting! Everyone wants to know more about characters, companies, monsters, Pandora etc… So, why not pick up that echocast say the one about Moze being in the trenches and suddenly YOU are sucked into the Echocast and fighting alongside a squad of Ironbears- You have to fight your way through the swamp and find yourself a way out of the Matrix- You could be the crazy from the train station traveling underground to fight the aliens with your fists etc… Basic stories are already there, could add more as time goes on. Maybe even give the player the chance to play as a psycho/Maliwan/Traunt/ etc

Anyways- My main point here, I think you could have Mayhem without reinventing the wheel or making everything a bullet soaked slog fest that has you contemplating duct taping the trigger button on your controller to give your finger a break-

What I expected personally from Mayhem was added challenges, not four year old nitrous huffing psyco toddlers throwing out ideas like bullet sponges, you have a big fat head and “the floor is lava”- Use existing proven models rather than investing in creating new ones, it saves resources, saves Gearbox money and gives us new tiers of difficulties.


some great versions
you literally fixed the less crit mod

you just fixed it,
panelty on start, the more you hit the more dmg you deal, thats rly nice and rewards playing accurate

i think each event could be a mod for itself
i mean skulls spawning and attacking you is already a hazard that awards you
the cartel guys dropping in is worth it and challenging
the hearts are a good and rewarding mod also since they can do alot of things, aside from healing

i rly think if you go and look at mayhem mods like this it would fix the game.

nice post my man

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-Double the Pressure
Killing an enemy will occasionally spawn a Gravity Zone, which will drag in both mobs, drones and players near it. Gravity Zone will weaken over time, and will eventually disappear.

-Meaty Colloseum
Both mobs and players will have speed and damage buffs when their shield is completely depleted.

-Skills to Survive
Mobs will receive 50% increased damage to Action skills and Pets, while receiving 50% decreased damage to player’s guns.

-Fight For Your Health
Players cannot heal with their skills. Killing a mob will instantly heal you.

Occasionally an offensive drone will spawn with mobs. Offensive drones attack you with flamethrowers, and will explode when killed.

-Into the Fire
The field is constantly bombarded with Meteors when you are at combat. The Meteors will hit both you and mobs fair and square.

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