1080 / 1440 performance, No Diff?

Trying to find a good ground to play this game on to limit the performance issues.

I see a lot of people are using 1080p so I decided to try it, But noticed virtually no difference in FPS gain. The only thing it did was make all textures on the screen blurry and caused severe eye strain for myself.

With that said, Im wondering if its something I have set in the Config file or something that I cant see or change? The videos dont look blurry like they appear on my screen.

Note I am using a Asus PG279Q and an RTX 2080 FTW3 card.

Well with a card that powerful 1080p isnt going to be that big of a jump. I found running the draw distance on high, and fog and screen space reflections to medium I found a pretty big bump in fps and to be honest I can hardly tell if theres any difference. Keep it at 1440p with that card