10K Pot Sponsored PS4 Battleborn Tournament in March


Just a heads up for people who are not on Reddit.

Confirmed to be on PS4 now.


Wow, amazing. I heard about the festival but not 5K, get over there hoho

Looks like fun. I wonder who is going to compete.

Already planning on going. :slight_smile: Really hoping it’s going to be streamed.


Haha (there goes any hope if I were to go)

Have they announced what platform?

Oh wait, anyone can compete. I might want to do that. Looks far though. Also yea, what platform?

I edited it.

Hah! Overhyped Overwatch wins game of the year, but it’s Battleborn that’s on the ticket for this competition. Good luck to everybody who enters and bring us home some good exposure for a change! :dukeaffirmative:


I bet 2k or GBX put some $$ behind this. It probably isn’t a coincident.

That or one of the organizers really likes this game.

Dats coo.

Gearbox are one of the sponsers for the event.

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Well if I were to compete I’d be playing pendles a whole lot. He’s my best character by far.

Well, I hope you don’t get matched up against and Orendi or Ambra

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They’re highly likely to be picked by the opposition unfortunately for pendles

Yea, before I even begin to think of this, I want to know the rules, maps, modes, and platform.

Right now, I am just thinking to myself, this is nice.

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You’d be playing with picks and bans. Pendles is an absolutely atrocious pick, since you’ll just get counterpicked with Ambra/Orendi/Marquis and get deleted from the game. If you want to play pendles in an environment with picks and bans, you’ll either have to ban his counters (which is generally a bad idea since there are much better bans out there; you’d be gifting your opponent Gally/Boldur), or get hella lucky that the enemy doesn’t pick up a reveal and lastpick him.


Well gee Beta you learned fast :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t always play Pendles, but when I do, my opponents have 12 reveals and I’m a completely useless asset to the team.

I also don’t ever play Pendles.


Pendles players can be great, besides that marquis and orendi reveal, he is fine, don’t criticize someone for playing a character you dislike