10v10 map or game mode would be nice

Would love a game mode with more players and bigger map. every moba type game is allways 5v5 would like to see it get more chaotic

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It would be too chaotic. Think about how a computer or a console would react to this: Oscar Mike Ult, Kleese Ult, Ambra Ult, Rath Ult, Reyna Ult, Montana Ult, El Dragon’s Kit, and a bunch of minions, Thralls, and a sentry with turrets and all the other abilities going off at once. It would be way too chaotic.

It would just be way to messy… you’d need to have much much larger maps. i shudder to think of 20 people in the overgrowth all popping ults in the middle…

Could almost gurantee it would be too taxing on the system/pc and slow the game to an unplayable level.

Yeah 5 v 5 Would be more resonable or even a Free for all of a game of 5 or 10 people

i like this idea!

if it can be done, it sounds like a cool idea, they could do a much smaller map sorta like Smites arena. I would also like to see other forms of multiplayer, maybe even have a score challenge mode where you play in a team through one of the story missions and try to get a higher score than your opposing team. That way you could sorta do pvp and get loot at the same time. There would have to be some way the players could hurt each other though, hmmm.