11/9 patch notes promised "character changes" WTF

So i head over to reddit, and oh i see some patch notes dropped with the arms race.
Maybe these are those promised beneficial character changes, ok everyone else gets new skill trees lets see what we get.Screenshot (807) - Copy

Screenshot (808) - Copy


So I uhh guess we got those new dlc content nerfs. hah haha

Because if fake grasping for anoints is bad, then what about fakegrasping for permamnent class mod ability too. Oh that’s fun nope gotta have bAlaNce.

I can’t believe this, after all this time, it was there, it was accepted, it was awesome.
They make some new skill trees and some new mods and “NOW” it has to go. :man_facepalming:

The bs is wafting off of this thing stronger than radiation at chernobel.

Of all the things that characters ACTUALLY needed this is what we get, zane is now immune to his own splash damage and grenades, on a skill almost no one uses, and is easily avoided by just a homing grenade or one that doesn’t damage the player.

Not moze because of course not, when is she ever downed by grenades pssh.
Not bug fixes, not fixing iron bears reloading issue, not pets getting stuck under map, or people shooting through the barrier for the millionth time, but this?!

Nuke the fun, and “fixing” something that arguably wasn’t broken.
I mean it, I am done with them, they can eat my shorts. My game is going in the trash btw.

I also see the other changes they made to zane, sad time to be a new zane player.

Welp, I’m out. I’ll probably hang around a little longer to see the full interactions of the new pet skills but that’s about it.

I now have 0 faith in their ability to make this game what it could be.

and they did our girl wrong, again. always with the moze stealth nerfs.


Fakegrasping should’ve never been in the game in the first place, I’m glad they actually removed it. It made no sense that the most effective way of using an action skill was to purposely miss with it, making it so that you almost never actually use the action skill.

You don’t need fakegrasping to play the game, Amara is still arguably the best(most powerful) VH overall without it. Maybe try actually using her action skills instead of crying over how you can’t abuse not using your action skill for ASEs and see how it goes for you?


Omg that moze nerf tho X31 now at X7? Like who at GB does the numbers on theses things before hand.

Mayhem Scaling on Skag Den was an abomination, and fakegrasping/Fake Gamma Burst was also an abomination. Deal with it.


I used fake grasp once… I didn’t like it and switched to phase cast

I for one am glad they started fixing these things… Hopefully it’s the start of them fixing the rest of the broken/missing QoL stuff (though I’m not counting on this ever happening seeing this is probably done for selling the new DLC)

I’m a moze main and can with all my heart believe she needed that nerf. Skag den was ridiculous

I understand the nerfs and accept them as a part of the game. But it would be REALLY NICE, if they put some of that fervor and dedication to obliterating fun, towards fixing the GAWD DAMN bugs that make multiplayer/splitscreen horrible.

And who really cares if there are some OP mechanics in the game? No one is prevented from playing any of the classes, there’s no PVP, no leader boards, nothing that requires a level playing field. Because it’s so difficult to play online with all of the crashes and stuff, this is basically a solo-player game. So what does it matter? It’s not as if by balancing the game they will make it more fun or stable.


Maybe so, but some mention of it in the patch notes would be nice. But of course this isn’t the first time they “fixed” Moze without saying anything about it.

And btw, I don’t rely on FitSD. I kill myself enough as it is with TCP, my self damage doesn’t need any more help, lol.


I called it, months ago.

All of it.

My God(s), am I glad that I uninstalled and went back to BL2.


It has become predictable with this game which is why I’ve stopped playing and refuse to spend another dime on it.

There’s two things you can count on.

First, EVERYTHING they released is made for the sole purpose of forcing you to refarm equipment. Everything from skill adjustments to patches like this to simple nerfing and buffing of various guns is made for the sole purpose of forcing you to farm for new gear. The reason is simple, that’s cheaper for them than developing new content to play.

The longer they have gone since launch the less value each new DLC has. Each new one has less and less new content worth playing, and introduces more power creep which requires purchase to continue remaining relevant and viable, especially if you’re going to play online with others.

It’s basically designed to be a giant F-U to force you to buy more and more stuff to keep funding less and less development and improvement. Pretty soon people will be paying for DLC that doesn’t add one minute of new gameplay.

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