12 Pounder on Zer0

The 12 Pounder can Crit…as long as the shot hits directly without having bounced

And has a HUGE base damage.

With all of Zer0’s Critical Hit Bonuses

AND the wonderful skill of Deception which perfectly outlines the Crit zone

Why would this not be a fantastic launcher on Zer0??

On those BIG enemies that take a lot of ammo to go down.

I rarely use launcher Ammo anyway (basically FFYL) and this might be an excellent use.

AND it’s explosive and goes nicely with a DPUH-Seeker-Swordsplosion-Exploive Damage Relic.

And explosive basically works on EVERYTHING!

Personally I’ve never gotten it to crit on anything besides Powder Monkeys, Crystalisk, etc… the things that all damage dealt to their vulnerable zone becomes a crit. I know someone said the wiki says it can crit, but I feel whom ever wrote that probably picked it up and shot a few things in Hayter’s Folly (which has both Powder Monkeys and Crystalisk) and never touched it again/forgot or didn’t care to fix their mistake.

Have you gotten it to crit an enemy without an “universal crit” spot?

Have not tried and the vid I saw from Demonite was a crystalisk type enemy…Big Blue…now that I think about it.

We should probably test this!

Man of low moral fiber did a video as part of his “does it suck” series and at one point he exclaims “Was that a Crit! Hmmmm interesting”

It was in the bloodshot stronghold but I could not tell what the enemy was.

Mind posting a time stamp?

Lemme see if I can find it…will report back

EDIT: 3:15 - 3:19 and it was in Pete’s Bar not Bloodshot Stronghold

But looking closely, he may have gotten the Critical from the Pimp he was using for slagging…right before he fired the Launcher.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Definitively from the Pimpernel.

I farmed for a 12 Pounder to try this out and took it to the target practice. Conclusion after first test: no crits.

The thing was really accurate and if I overshot it even a bit the cannonball bounced off the plank and hit nothing so it was pretty clear I was hitting the target in the head when I was.

I’ll have to try and get myself a high level one anyways. I got parts that made the cannonballs go stupid fast and I was on Axton. I’d bet you could snipe targets from the other side of the map with a splitsecond cannonball if I was also specked into Velocity on Zer0. Even without it was easy to hit high flying Varkids in Caustic caverns.

Crystalisks are different when it comes to crit, maybe it does weird things to launchers

The 12 pounder can’t crit sorry. I tested that for a LOOOONG time

so the only real advantage to it for Zer0 is super long range engagements with Velocity and Precision…

Without the Crit bonus…it will still be good…especially with an Explosive Damage Relic specced Zer0 with DPUH, SwordSplosion, Seeker

But not spectacular…

Creamer may well be a better Explosive choice.

Yeah, pretty much

On Zero IMO, the best launcher would be the Nukem, Badaboom, the Norfleet, since they benefit more from OSOK… But in general, launchers don’t suit Zero much

In truth Chuck…

the only time I ever use a Launcher is FFYL or to take out the very first Assasin at the Peak.

Once you discover a low level Logans Gun…pointed at your feet while wearying a Sham or a Transformer…will quickly refill your ammo pool.

There really is no excuse not to use one as Ammo no longer becomes an issue.

But I don’t anyway,

Huh…I wonder why? I guess other weps are so much MORE fun!

While Vel0city is shunned in general because so many people use the Pimpernel, try it with rocket launchers. Vel0city can add more rocket speed than any other skill in the game. They also work with 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill. I use rocket launchers with the Legendary Sniper COM (for buffs to both of these). Combined with all of Zer0’s damage buffs, they hit even harder, but with Vel0city, they are much easier to handle. My Ahab has a Maliwan exhaust and sight, and with Vel0city on deck, it shoots like a rifle.