120 hours into vindicator ghast call farm fml

Well i’m about 120 hours into farming for the vindicator ghast call with no luck, my rng suck’s would someone be kind to send me one or trade? i have a terror anointed 50% cryo maggie i don’t use. PixelCx is my gt thnx

Yeah I can fell ya, only got a single cloning one since the event started and also didn’t see any others like roided or vindicator, but yea will continue trying my luck.

i messaged you both :slight_smile:

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I’m farming my ass of in Heck Hole and Voracious Canopy with no luck as well.
Anyone willing to trade?

I would be but honestly I’d be looking for god tier class mod or atrifact6or one specific shield I’m looking for:

  1. +5 anima phasezerker with AS cooldown, shotgun damage and mag size

  2. Element projector victory rush with same trait or sub in assault rifle dmg

  3. Red suit shield terror anointed for ammo regen.

Thx and I’ll trade it for any of those.

I’m afraid I don’t have any of these. I’ll let you know should I happen to stumble accross any of them

I wasn’t trying to get anything from of the event, just make some nice photos and test Lost Loot machine, at the Anvil. So I slaughtered stuff there like 10 times now?

Anyway, all I get from there are event legendaries and it appears the new “content” is crap. Just sold three Ghast Calls and a Fearmonger, I hate these.

BTW Ghast Call has only one version, what’s with this vindicator part?

U have a transformer with ammo regen? Will trade that for a vindicator

I have that, sorry. Need specifically the red suit with ammo regen

If you responded to me i wasnt replying to you

Oh ok sorry. I was. Have a good one.

It can come with bonus parts. Roided is one. Vindicator is another

Sorry I don’t have any annoited Transformers. Anything else you’re looking for?

Tediore homing mirvs. Ammo regen with terror or legendary shields. Facepuncher with 25% terror chance on melee. Good class mods for zane/amara. Relics depending on rolls. If not lmk what u have.