120 second wait time is back?

Anyone else notice its back to 120 econds instead of the new 45 after the new patch

Yeap! Here is the post.

Ugh, so were all left to sit here for an extra minute staring at a screen :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the heads up tho

Maybe, just maaaaaaaaaaybe… next time don’t make such drastic reductions then??? 120 down to 45 was a huge drop right off the bat. Why did you guys not start at, say… 90 seconds? Then drop it down further if it needed. This kind of flip flop is just embarrassing. I get that you want to do right by the players and I appreciate it being changed back instead of ignored, but just think a little bit more before you release these changes and start making small tweaks instead of huge number changes.

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This is how they think every thing should be done. I know this isn’t the case but sometimes I feel as though their ideas go like this:

Group of players: character select is too long!
Gearbox: shorten it by 50% or more, no less.

Group of players: character/gear is op, nerf them!
Gearbox: cut their stats by 50% or more, no less.

I mean I’ll give the benefit of the doubt in the beginning but when this same thing happens over and over again I just can’t understand them…


They might still stand with 45. Please give them more credit. They must have had data that showed the average selection time of players to be below 45. The mistake they made is that the timer could start the moment the first person is in (not sure if this applies to everyone). But they are fast to react and click the undo button. They will learn from this.

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I get people complaining about matchmaking times, but if we’re complaining about 120 seconds v. 45 seconds, I think that’s being a bit nitpicky, guys.

I think that’s giving too much of the benefit of doubt. I think 80 seconds is the shortest they should go personally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who’s trying for team comp choose in under 60

The problem is that the game sometimes take a long time to load for certain people in character select.

Why this is true, I couldn’t tell you.

Back before I moved (when I had crappy Internet), I used to get to character select almost instantly.

Now (when I have much, much better Internet), it sometimes takes 5-10 seconds.

Strange days.

This is the sort of problem that’s hard to test, until you have a ton of people with different setups.

I get that you’re relatively new to this game and are still in the honeymoon phase, but there’s no defending such a huge change that they had to remove to rework already.

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Yeah they are reviewing the situation. But for now they can only hit the undo button to 120.

I was totally cool with 45. Que times + map pick times are long enough that you should know who you want to play as and always have a backup if they get picked. Not hard to do.

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Game developers don’t deserve more credit? Are you a game developer?

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Alright babe.

Nope. I’m a human being with a logical brain that tells me that if 120 seconds is too long then shorten that time in increments. Not drop it by over 50% straight up. Do I need to be a game developer to understand that?? Really?


No but people slip up and there is no need to be condescending when they try to fix it.

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I agree. I’ve defended Gearbox about 98% of the time and made excuses for them until yesterday.

If you’ve played since the beta or at least launch then you know how many changes they have made and then had to go back on.

It’s because they don’t make small adjustments on anything. They see a problem with something and so they slam down the nerfs, buffs, and drastic changes so hard your head spins.

I have had so many people tell me that Gearbox knows best and they have the data and testing required to balance correctly and yet time and time again they prove otherwise.

Such large or drastic changes create chaos.

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I’m sorry, where was I condescending regarding their effort to fix this? They did indeed slip up and I gave my feedback on how they could try not to slip up again.

Yeah I’m loving the influx of new players/users who are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed that are defending every single thing. They don’t yet understand that we used to be them, but have just seen more and been broken by the constant issues.

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I’m sorry I thought you were implying they don’t deserve any credit for trying to help.

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