+125% Additional Incendiary Damage? Means exactly...what?

What do anoints like this actually MEAN?

A weapon card gives a damage per shot…say 500…and on top of that 500 is an additional Fire Damage of 625?

125% x 500?

Which is almost like TWO bullets…one at 500…and one at 625…but it is Fire?

help me Obi Won…

Yup, that’s what it’s supposed to be! Whether it is or isn’t that is another question entirely.

And it actually will be handled as two bullets, so ricochets will be doubled.

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I believe it’s 500+625=1125, in the example you gave.

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Others already answered. But keep in mind even if you’re using a splash gun with it, the bonus 125% projectile isn’t splash damage unfortunately.

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One could try shooting the target range dummy with and without the anoint and see what the difference is.

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@rcole_sooner I’m sorry…is this an honest suggestion?

I don’t know about you but why even attempt it IF it’s already been done by people far more knowledgeable and skillful than myself?

And I did do a google search and came up with some very confusing info. Confusing at least to me and besides, what’s the purpose of a forum but to ask questions and provide helpful answers or suggestions.

If your suggestion was honest…please accept my apologies…

I am just a tad prickly today after finding out the level cap increase is 3 stinking points that very cleverly encourages me to grind endlessly while NOT being able to hit two capstones. AND no announcements of new Raids.

Sooo clever…soooo “Destiny Like”

Tons of mindless work for so little reward…

The 125% bonus creates a second bullet with 125% of your guns damage. The bullet however is not splash so you won’t benefit from any splash boosts you have.