+125 fire 2 mags vs +160 splash Annointment Question

So I’ve been playing since launch but never really cared about annointments and honestly really got by, by using Purple Gear/Quest gear/Infinity PIstols. I’m in the process of doing an actual “good” build before the new DLC next week because I don’t think I’m equip for harder content atm. Especially if we get a crazy hard boss.

I’ve farmed one or two guns with “+125 fire for 2 mags reload” Annoint and that makes sense to me. Moze is great with fire so boosting that 125% is going to do great damage. I get it. Pretty straightforward.

But I’ve been watching build videos on YouTube last night and a lot of the builds use +160 splash damage Annoint. And my question is why exactly is this a good annoint?

-Is it to put splash damage on guns that don’t have it inherently?
-Is it to make the explosion radius bigger so we catch more enemies in our splash explosions?
-Does it make a capstone incredibly OP in some way?
-Is it to make our grenades OP?

A lot of annointments confuse me on what they exactly do but this one takes the cake!
Thanks in advance

  1. It also boosts your shields by 75%
  2. Nearly all of Moze’s best weapons are splash damage
  3. Short fuse is splash and does a ton of work, and benefits from that annointment twice if you use a splash weapon
  4. You throw grenades a lot with Moze

It doesn’t do either of these

  1. Auto Bear gets a boost from it too
  2. Appears to boost radiation kill explosions

The answer is ‘it depends’ – if you are using a Blast Master class mod, the splash damage anoint will probably provide less benefit than the 125% incendiary damage anoint, but not in all circumstances.

Pris wrote a good post about how damage is calculated in BL3 a while ago. Thiccfila also did a short video on it.


It also works very well in conjunction with the Green Monster COM because it adds corrosive splash. Mainly the 75% shield boost that I’m afraid of them fixing

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my problem with “next two mags” anointments is they don’t do anything to particularly boost the overall potential of a weapon or skill build. you kinda have to build into the anointment to get the most out of it.

the 160 splash anointment does the opposite. it further enables splash builds and allows them to move what damage bonuses are coming from where in order to optimize multiplicative bonuses across the damage calculation. same goes for the kill stack anoint and the consecutive hits anoint. that’s why i really think, especially for mobbing, of these four anoints, the 125 next two mags is the weakest in general.

the one place it is excellent is any build that’s looking to take advantage of extra projectile mechanics. that’s the case where the anointment is helping you improve the capabilities and synergies of a build rather than just stacking on additive damage. otherwise i think i’d rather have a consecutive hits or kill stack anoint over the 125 next two mags on most mobbing weapons.

Edit: this is why the kill stack and consecutive hits anointments are preferable on blast master, and the splash anoint is preferable on mindsweeper. they add damage to overall calculations where there currently isn’t any or very little, having strong overall outcomes.

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I like the +125% fire next two mags in my Shock/Cryo Nebula. It is pretty good against triple bar Badasses.

At the same time, I really appreciate the 160% Splash because I do use Mind Sweeper.

This is mostly true until you include Short Fuse. If using the capstone skill the splash annointment is far more beneficial.

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Only problem with +160 splash is to enter and leave iron bear every x seconds. I feel like its a choire - im having fun and then i remember “ooops” forgot to enter the bear

Its a youtube video with ads every 18 secs

I feel sometimes that I’m the only person who actually enjoys it.

i actually really enjoy it on mindsweeper, because the bonus feels so much more substantial to output.

i think the reason people have shied away from it on blast master is that with the 100% bonus you’re already getting from the COM, plus any area damage bonuses on COM or artifact, the anointment doesn’t compound damage values as effectively as the kill stack and consecutive hits anointment do.

on mindsweeper, however, it has massive effects, since mindsweeper is essentially another short fuse that procs off crits instead of weapon damage. i’ve been enjoying mindsweeper so much the last few days on what was my blast master build, that i’m starting to feel that it’s actually the better COM, and the 160 splash anointment is a big part of that.


Mind Sweeper provides damage spikes like Salvador Money Shot and is awesome when chains. Blast Master is pretty solid, but you wont have that wow feeling.

I use a terror build and I can walk right thru all boss’s and it works on all characters if your interested hmu

I would always prefer the 160% anointment on a Splash Moze build with the caveat that you are prepared to enter/exit IB OFTEN. It does a ton of damage. I don’t go by the numbers. I just go to M4 Proving Grounds and if I can blow up the enemies quick enough, it’s good in my book.

I would pick the 125 2 mags anoint if I don’t plan to enter/exit IB often and I have a magazine size that’s enough to run almost bottomless (minimal reload).

Sometimes the two mags or the 160% won’t matter if you have a gun like Kyb’s. I feel either anointments would work. I carry two Kyb’s that has 160% and the other wirh 125. I can’t tell in gameplay which one I am running with as long as I can blast the enemies quick enough.

Props for using the Nebula - I don’t think I’ve seen this gun mentioned ever. Do you know if it can come with a x2 prefix?

it can. its been mentioned quite a bit in gear threads.

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except the 125 2 mags doesn’t affect SF ouptut, whereas 160 splash does. even with how the calcs work out, the 160 splash anoint on blast master should generally top out the 2 mags anoint due to double dipping.

then, in the case of guns that cannot spawn the splash anoints, the consecutive hits and kill stack anoints would generally be preferable over the fire anoint because they also have a better multiplicative effect tie in with blast master and short fuse. the next two mags anoint adds decent damage, but its only outstanding against where you’re struggling with negative type matching, or benefiting off extra projectile effects.

Sure, but you aren’t necessarily going to run Blast Master or SF on all builds, so it depends. 125% incendiary dog is definitely the better anoint for a chaining/bullet multiplication build.