14 maps for multiplayer?

After completing a meltdown match with one of the battleborn characters, I did some progress to a challenge that stated “1/14 maps played on.” I do not remember exactly what character it was I was playing on, just remembered it.

Interesting, there are 2 maps per mode at launch so multiplayer would be 6 maps. I wonder if they are counting story mode maps in there too, would be another 6 or 7 I think. Maybe we are getting more maps then we thought :smiley: would be a pleasant surprise

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Maybe that included campaign? 2x3 + 8 = 14.


Wow I hope that’s not true -_-’

What the somewhat lack of maps? They haven’t really hidden anything about that, 2 maps per mode could get stale for some but I really enjoyed them

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They will be adding more maps and more modes over time.

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Yeah but if it was for multiplayer we couldn’t complete the challenge until they came out, you know ?

Yeah thats true, i wonder if they have a little something up their sleeve heheh

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